What hurricane happened in 2012?

What hurricane happened in 2012?


2012 Atlantic hurricane season
Name Sandy
• Maximum winds 115 mph (185 km/h) (1-minute sustained)
• Lowest pressure 940 mbar (hPa; 27.76 inHg)
Seasonal statistics

How much damage did hurricane Debby cause?

At 2100 UTC, the storm made landfall near Steinhatchee, Florida with winds of 40 mph (65 km/h)….Tropical Storm Debby (2012)

Tropical Storm (SSHWS/NWS)
Tropical Storm Debby at peak intensity on June 24, 2012
Fatalities 7 direct, 3 indirect
Damage ≥ $250 million (2012 USD)
Areas affected Cuba, Central America, Southeastern United States, Bermuda

What was the name of the hurricane in 2011?

One hurricane (Irene) and one tropical storm (Lee) made landfall in the U.S. during the 2011 season. Hurricane Irene was the first Hurricane since Ike in 2008 that made landfall in the nation.

Has there ever been a Hurricane Debby?

The name Debby has been used for seven tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Debby (1982) reached Category 4 strength, grazed Bermuda, and caused high winds at Cape Race, but no significant damage. Tropical Storm Debby (2018) formed in the open waters of the North Atlantic, did not affect land.

Where did Tropical Storm Debby form in 2012?

Debby, which formed as a tropical storm on the 23rd of June 2012 in the central Gulf of Mexico, took three full days to reach the Big Bend of Florida just 350 miles away.

What was highest rainfall in Florida in 2012?

TMPA rainfall totals are shown here for the 7-day period June 20 to 27, 2012 over and around Florida. TRMM data showed that the highest rainfall totals for the period are in excess of 380 mm (~15 inches).

What was name of hurricane that hit Florida in 2002?

July 13, 2002 – The precursor disturbance to Tropical Storm Arthur moves across the Florida Panhandle and produces heavy amounts of precipitation peaking at 4.79 inches (122 mm) in two locations. August 4, 2002 – High surf from Tropical Storm Bertha kills one person at Perdido Key State Recreation Area.

What was damage from Tropical Storm Leslie in Florida?

October 3 – The precursor disturbance to Tropical Storm Leslie produces 10–20 inches (255–510 mm) of rainfall across southeastern Florida, flooding about 93,000 houses. The flooding causes $950 million in damage (2000 USD), along with three indirect deaths.