What happened to ClamCase?

What happened to ClamCase?

IRVINE, CA – June 09, 2015 – Incipio®, the leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning mobile device accessories and technology, today announced that it has acquired privately held company, ClamCase®, which specializes in the design of premium, market leading iPad keyboard cases and peripheral devices.

How do I pair my iPad AIR 2 with ClamCase?

Hold the CLAMCASE™ Pair key for 5 seconds (2nd key from the right on the top with the Bluetooth symbol) until the power/pair LED starts continuously flashing. A dialogue with the numeric pair code will appear on your iPad.

Does iPad MINI 2 support external keyboard?

The iPad models originally were designed to use an external keyboard, but they use touch sensitive navigation and do not have a “traditional” cursor. Now the iOS does support some external input devices as an accessibility feature to help those with disabilities, but the iPad does not support a general external mouse.

How do I connect my ClamCase to my iPad?

Pairing the ClamCase Pro to your iPad is quick and easy. You need only to hold down on the ClamCase’s Bluetooth key until the power light begins to blink (this makes the keyboard discoverable), then head to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPad to find and pair the two devices together.

How do I sync ClamCase to iPad?

What kind of battery does iPad clamcase use?

Quickly and easily power on/off keyboard with manual power switch. LED indication lights provide information on battery life, pairing, power activation, charge and Caps Lock. The lithium-ion battery and Bluetooth 3.0 chip allows for months of use on one single charge. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers.

Is there a keyboard case for iPad Air 2?

My ClamCase Pro for the iPad Air 2 arrived today… and I love it. I travel a couple of times a year for work and was looking for a solid keyboard case. It comes in very Apple-like packaging. But let’s address a few things out the gate. 1. It’s heavy. It will take your feather-weight iPad Air 2 and make it feel like a ton of bricks.

Can a clamcase be used as a tablet?

The ClamCase will fold back 360 degrees, so you can use your tablet as a tablet. I thought it wouldn’t go that far the first time I tried it, since the hinge is very stiff. Don’t let it fool you, the hinge will give and the iPad will fold all the way around.

How often do I need to charge my iPad clamcase?

It comes with a USB charging cable for the keyboard and a pigtail audio cable for earbuds. It does not come with a wall wart, but your iPad charger will work. You should only need to charge the keyboard once every couple of months anyway. The ClamCase will fold back 360 degrees, so you can use your tablet as a tablet.