What does the FX4 package include 2015?

What does the FX4 package include 2015?

What matters with the 2015 F150 FX4 package is that is includes Hill Descent Control, an electronic locking rear axle, off road tuned shock absorbers and underbody skid plates – a quartet of features that will help make any new 4×4 F150 better in almost any condition, be it a muddy off roading excursion or simply …

What is the FX4 package on F150?

What comes with the 2021 Ford FX4 package? If you opt for the 2021 Ford F-150 FX$ package, you’ll get skid plates to protect the undercarriage, including the differential, transfer case, and fuel tank. You’ll also get off-roading tuned shocks, hill descent control, and all-terrain tires.

Is FX4 worth it on F150?

Unless it’s twice the US price of about $1 grand, then it’s well worth getting for resale value – and the likelihood that you’ll utilize it occasionally. To get upgraded front shocks, 3 skid plates, a rear diff e-locker, Hill decent-assist and another drive mode for that little money is a well-spent investment.

What’s the difference between F150 and FX4?

The FX4 trucks made by Ford have very similar specs to those of the regular 4×4 truck. However, there are some differences. The FX4 comes with an improved suspension, which includes skid plates, stronger Ranchero shocks, and a higher ground clearance, as well as a limited slip rear end.

Does FX4 F150 sit higher?

Stock FX4’s do sit higher than stock normal F150 4×4’s. It is because of the tires and rancho shocks which were part of FX4 package.

Is there a 2015 Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew?

With the seemingly endless number of permutations, there’s probably a 2015 F-150 model to suit every person who has ever even thought of buying a pickup. Just the same, there are other trucks you’d be well advised to check out.

What makes a 2015 Ford F150 FX4 FX4?

The 2015 Ford F150 FX4 package begins on the outside with a unique FX4 logo on the rear of the bedside but that is the only aesthetic aspect of the new FX4 package. What matters with the 2015 F150 FX4 package is that is includes Hill Descent Control, an electronic locking rear axle,…

What’s the name of the 2015 Ford F150?

Introducing the 2015 Ford F150 FX4. While the FX4 package for the current 2014 F150 was a trimline of its own, the 2015 FX4 name is applied to an off road package that is available across the entire model range.

How big is a full size Ford F-150?

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a thoroughly modern full-size pickup in 2015, Ford has just made your decision that much harder. The 2015 Ford F-150 is a full-size pickup offered in regular, extended (Supercab) and crew cab (Supercrew) body styles. There are three bed lengths: 5.5 feet, 6.5 feet and 8 feet.