What does MCC stand for in trauma?

What does MCC stand for in trauma?

Motorcycle Crash
When MCC Stands for Motorcycle Crash and Most Common Cause – The Emergency Medical Minute.

What is an MVC in medical terms?

Abbreviation for maximum voluntary contraction.

What does MCC stand for in text?


Acronym Definition
MCC Mobile Command Center
MCC Mobile Commerce and Charging
MCC Merchant Category Code
MCC Microelectronics and Computer Corporation

What is MCC in urology?

Mycobacterial cell wall–DNA complex (MCC) is an effective treatment modality for bladder cancer, and has a favorable safety profile when compared with intravesical therapy using live bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG), reports Alvaro Morales and colleagues.

What is MVC stand for?

Model–view–controller (usually known as MVC) is a software design pattern commonly used for developing user interfaces that divide the related program logic into three interconnected elements.

What is MVC surgery?

MVC. Motor Vehicle Crash + 1 variant. Emergency, Neurosurgery, Diagnosis. Emergency, Neurosurgery, Diagnosis.

What is MCC Bank?

Merchant category codes (MCCs) are four-digit numbers that describe a merchant’s primary business activities. MCCs are used by credit card issuers to identify the type of business in which a merchant is engaged. MCCs are used to track spending habits and to allot credit card points for qualified purchases.

What does MCC stand for in sports?

MCC. Master Certified Coach. Coaching, Coach, Executive. Coaching, Coach, Executive.

What is the normal range of MCC?


Clinical laboratory test Normal value
Male 125–170 g/L
Mean corpuscular volume (MCV), blooda 80–100 fL
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH), blooda
Female 25–34 pg

How much PVR is normal?

A PVR volume of less than 50 mL is considered adequate bladder emptying; in the elderly, between 50 and 100 mL is considered normal. In general, a PVR volume greater than 200 mL is considered abnormal and could be due to incomplete bladder emptying or bladder outlet obstruction.