What does Hillenbrand do?

What does Hillenbrand do?

Hillenbrand is a global diversified industrial company with businesses that serve a wide variety of industries around the world. We pursue profitable growth and robust cash generation to drive increased value for our shareholders.

What does Hillenbrand make?

Recognized leader in the death care industry in North America through the manufacturing and sale of funeral services products, including burial caskets, cremation casket containers and urns, other personalization and memorialization products and technology applications for funeral homes.

Who owns Hillenbrand Industries?

The Hillenbrand family retained a 60 percent ownership share of the corporation in 1993. The company attributes its past achievements to a strong work ethic and a cooperative relationship between management, labor, and the local community.

How much is Ray Hillenbrand worth?

Hillenbrand $2.2 billion Hillenbrand Industries. Batesville, Ind.

Is Hillenbrand a Fortune 500 company?

FORTUNE 500: Hillenbrand Industries.

Who owns Batesville Casket?

Batesville Services, Inc.
Batesville Casket Company/Parent organizations

Who started HILL-ROM?

William A. Hillenbrand
1929. William A. Hillenbrand, John Hillenbrand’s son, started Hill-Rom – a hospital furniture manufacturer. Two years earlier, he had a revolutionary idea to “bring the home into the hospital” by offering hospitals wooden furniture to help create a warmer, more comfortable environment.

Who is the largest casket manufacturer?

Hillenbrand Inc.
The companies holding the largest market share in the Coffin & Casket Manufacturing industry include Hillenbrand Inc. and Matthews International Corp.

Who is Ray Hillenbrand?

Ray Hillenbrand of Rapid City died Friday at the age of 84. Ray Hillenbrand, a humble visionary who sought the best for Rapid City and its people while eschewing recognition for himself, died Friday in Rapid City after a short illness at the age of 84.

What company makes the most caskets?

Batesville Casket Company
Top Casket Manufacturers in the USA

Company Annual Est. Revenue
1. Batesville Casket Company $2.1 Billion
2. Matthews International Corp. $1.5 Billion
3. Aurora Casket Company $142 Million
4. Suhor Industries Inc. $76.7 Million

Is Batesville Casket Company still in business?

“Just to snatch 200 jobs out of the equation, that is going to hurt,” said Danny Griffin. On Thursday, 200 employees at Batesville Casket Company found out that come 2017 they won’t have a job. That’s because the well known casket company plant is shutting its doors in Batesville and continuing production in Mexico.

What kind of company is Hill-Rom?

global medical technology company
Hillrom is a leading global medical technology company whose products, services and more than 10,000 employees worldwide help people get better care inside and outside the hospital.

What kind of benefits does Hillenbrand insurance offer?

Hillenbrand is committed to providing a quality benefits package. As part of our vision to promote the highest level of health and financial well-being, we offer our associates and their families a comprehensive benefits program that gives flexibility to tailor benefits to the various stages of lives.

What kind of products does Hillenbrand make?

Designs, manufactures, and supports a full range of products, including hot runner systems, temperature controllers, hot halves, auxiliary injection units, and various gating technologies.

What are the objectives of a Hillenbrand associate?

To support the achievement of our associate’s objectives, Hillenbrand focuses on: Assessing and developing individual and collective talents Aligning associates’ career with the business needs and objectives Rewarding for performance in a competitive, motivating way Engaging talent in pursuit of the Hillenbrand vision

Where is the Hillenbrand headquarters in Batesville located?

Hillenbrand Headquarters. 1 Batesville Blvd Batesville, IN 47006; Phone: +1.812.934.7000. Email: [email protected]