What does get tablecellrenderercomponent do in Java?

What does get tablecellrenderercomponent do in Java?

getTableCellRendererComponent Component getTableCellRendererComponent (JTable table, Object value, boolean isSelected, boolean hasFocus, int row, int column) Returns the component used for drawing the cell. This method is used to configure the renderer appropriately before drawing.

What is the return value of tablecellrenderer ( )?

To do other customization based on whether or not the table is being printed, check the return value from JComponent.isPaintingForPrint (). table – the JTable that is asking the renderer to draw; can be null value – the value of the cell to be rendered. It is up to the specific renderer to interpret and draw the value.

When to use special border in tablecellrenderer?

For example, put a special border on the cell, if the cell can be edited, render in the color used to indicate editing row – the row index of the cell being drawn. When drawing the header, the value of row is -1

How to draw a cell in a JTable?

This interface defines the method required by any object that would like to be a renderer for cells in a JTable. Returns the component used for drawing the cell. Returns the component used for drawing the cell.

What’s the difference between JLabel and tablecellrenderer?

The default renderer uses JLabel to display the value of each table cell. The TableCellRenderer interface can be specified in two ways : By class of the object to be rendered using table.setDefaultRenderer () method and by a column using tableColumn.setCellRenderer () method and tableColumn.setHeaderRenderer () method for a specific column headers.

What are the differences between the tablecellrenderer and tablecelleditor?

The TableCellRenderer interface has only one method getTableCellRendererComponent () and this method can return different rendering components based on the value, a cell has the focus or is selected, row and column that can contain the value. A TableCellEditor is an interface and by default, the cells can be editable.