What does a cocoa pod look like?

What does a cocoa pod look like?

A cacao pod will begin to ripen 5-6 months after it flowers. Each pod contains beans, the seeds of the fruit that are shaped like a flat almond, surrounded by a sweet pulp. There are roughly 30-50 beans in a typical pod. These beans are what ultimately get transformed into cocoa powder or chocolate.

What does a ripe cocoa pod look like?

The color of the thick husk beneath that skin changes depending on ripeness. If you scrape the husk with your fingernail and find green underneath like I did in the photo above, the fruit is unripe. If you scrape the husk and find yellow or white, then it’s ripe. And that’s that!

What is the Colour of a ripe cocoa pod?

Red cocoa pods ripening on a cocoa tree. Cocoa pods grow in a variety of colors ― red, green or purple ― but they all ripen into the yellowish color shown below. They grow directly off of the branch of the tree, which makes them easy to harvest because they’re easy to reach.

What can I do with fresh cocoa pods?

You can suck on them to eat and enjoy the delicious, citrus-y pulp, or try to ferment them if you plan to make your own chocolate. You can also plant them to grow a cacao tree, or save them for another use (I’ve used them to make miso, an idea I picked up from a few doctors at Casa Mascia Apothecary in Belize).

How much does a cocoa pod cost?

$20.00. These are real pods, hand selected and dried by a farm in Ecuador for us.

Can I buy cocoa beans?

They supply a wide range of fine flavour cocoa beans buy the pound, so you can order as much or as little as needed (as much as is available), depending on your storage concerns or equipment limitations. It is a great way to experiment and choose the beans that are right for you.

Which is healthier cacao or cocoa?

Cacao is higher in protein, fibre, magnesium and iron. Cocoa powder without added sugar is still high in nutrition and is a more affordable option. Gram per gram cacao is more nutritious. However when you factor in that cocoa is far cheaper it means that per dollar cocoa is the better choice if budget is an issue.