What do you need to know about Weiler products?

What do you need to know about Weiler products?

Weiler provides support for our products through proven innovative designs, dedicated product and service support specialists and an unmatched dealer network with Weiler factory trained technicians and parts availability. Visit weilerused.com for certified Weiler used equipment.

What are the features of a Weiler Force Feed loader?

Weiler’s remixing transfer vehicles, commercial pavers, road wideners, windrow elevators, rock drills, compactors, soil stabilizer, tack distributors, front mount screeds and force feed loader are engineered with innovative features to increase productivity while reducing operating costs.

How does the Weiler e2850b match paving output?

MATCH PAVING OUTPUT. The variable speed elevator and conveyors allow the E2850B to match plant output while reducing wear. By setting chain speed to match production, the number of revolutions of the chain are reduced and larger packets of mix are carried with each slat, reducing material segregation. UNMATCHED MANEUVERABILITY.

How does Weiler storage hopper management system work?

The optional storage hopper management system features a proprietary sonic sensor that continuously measures the amount of material in the storage hopper. Two indicator lights allow the entire paving crew to know the material level at all times while the operator can see a percentage readout on the display. COMPLETE CONTROL. and comfort.

What makes a Weiler abrasive a good product?

Quality. Performance. Safety. All Weiler Abrasive solutions are manufactured with those three key metrics in mind. Whether you are working with a cutting wheel, power brush, or push broom, we design to the highest quality, performance, and safety standards possible.

Who are the employees of Weiler paving company?

From raw steel to final product, the employees at Weiler are building advanced, high quality products for paving contractors across North America and around the world. Click here for a complete listing of employment opportunities. Visit weilergear.com for official Weiler clothing and merchandise.

Who is the CEO of Weiler abrasives group?

“While the company has grown and expanded significantly since those humble beginnings, our commitment to developing long-term partnerships with customers, co-workers, and community hasn’t changed. We like to call that our 3C’s.” Chris Weiler, CEO, Weiler Abrasives Group

When did Weiler abrasives start making jewelry brushes?

At Weiler Abrasives, our experience in the abrasives industry dates back to 1898 when Joseph E. Weiler began manufacturing brushes for the jewelry industry in Pforzheim, Germany. Since then, we’ve grown and evolved into a global abrasives manufacturer serving customers in over 80 countries with nearly 1,500 employees around the world.