What do you need to know about Burndy connectors?

What do you need to know about Burndy connectors?

A : Burndy Engineers our Connectors, Tools and Dies to all work together as part of The Burndy Engineered System. This includes design, testing and manufacturing of the Connectors, Tools and Dies which allows us to warranty these connections and meet the requirements of standards such as UL, CSA, IEEE, ANSI and others.

Is the Burndy unitap rated for motor connections?

A : Typically, Anything made out of copper is UL listed for copper conductors only. However, Burndy does offer a variety of aluminum connectors that are dual rated for both Copper and Aluminum. Q: Are the Burndy UNITAP™ connectors rated for motor connections?

What do you need to know about the Burndy catalog?

NEW BURNDY Digital Catalog. The new BURNDY digital catalog is a go-to resource for product solutions. A comprehensive online catalog with time saving features making it easier to locate products, share catalog information, and much more.

Is the Burndy unitap lug rated for vibration?

A : The Burndy family of UNITAP™ connectors are tested and listed to UL486A-486B under category Wire Connectors and Soldering Lugs in which there are no specific vibration testing requirements. However if a specific testing standard is of interest for this line of connectors please reach out to our Technical Services department.

What kind of grounding system does Burndy use?

The BURNDYWeld exothermic process uses high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminum. This system is very field friendly, since it is light and portable and requires no outside power system. BURNDY® mechanical grounding connectors are one of the most widely used, highly respected lines in the industry.

What kind of lugs do Burndy copper cables use?

Burndy copper cable lugs and crimp terminals including Hylug, YAV, YSV, YSM, and C Tap crimp product ranges – the Burndy connector ranges also include aluminium crimps and bi-metallic crimps for LV and HV electrical applications.