What do the pillars at UW mean?

What do the pillars at UW mean?

The Four Columns @ UW. Stand for LIFE or Loyalty, Industry, Faith & Efficiency.

Where are the UW columns?

Sylvan Grove Theater
Now located in the Sylvan Grove Theater, the 4 iconic symbols originally were grouped along the facade of the school’s first structure on its 1861 campus.

Where on the UW Seattle campus can you find Ionic columns?

Sylvan Grove Theater and Columns
Sylvan Grove Theater and Columns Along the far end, which served as the stage, are four hand-fluted cedar Ionic columns that were salvaged from a portico in the original downtown University of Washington campus that was demolished in 1908.

What is a symbol of graduation?

The graduation toga is a symbol of a student’s educational attainment and accomplishments. What About the Graduation Cap? Graduates wear a square-like board on their heads along with their gowns and hoods. This is the graduation cap and it is often referred to as a mortarboard (as it is shaped like one).

What does Uwmc stand for?

The University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) is a hospital in the University District of Seattle, Washington, United States.

What are round columns called?

Doric columns
In the case of Doric columns, the capital usually consists of a round, tapering cushion, or echinus, supporting a square slab, known as an abax or abacus. Ionic capitals feature a pair of volutes, or scrolls, while Corinthian capitals are decorated with reliefs in the form of acanthus leaves.

Is University of Washington in a good location?

University of Washington’s ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #58. Located north of downtown Seattle, the University of Washington is one of the oldest public universities on the West Coast.

Where is the big W on UW campus?

The “Big W”, as students like to call it, is located at the primary entrance to the main campus of the University of Washington.