What do I need to collect my ID from home affairs?

What do I need to collect my ID from home affairs?

Applying for an Identity book / Identity document for the first time

  1. Form BI-9, completed in black ink.
  2. A certified copy of your Birth certificate or reference book or a copy of the old Transkei, Bophutatswana, Venda or Ciskei homelands identity or travel documents.

What do I need to collect my smart ID?

First time applicant: Birth Certificate, proof of address and in case of minors, must be accompanied by the parent/s. Permanent resident of South Africa: Green bar-coded ID. First time applicant: Permanent residence certificate and proof of address. receive a Smart ID Card?

How long does it take for an ID to be issued in South Africa?

How long does it take for an applicant to receive a Smart ID Card? 14 working days from date of application provided it is a straight forward application meeting all the requirements.

How do I know if my ID is ready for collections in South Africa?

To confirm if their documents have indeed arrived at their nearest Home Affairs office members of the public can ‘track’ the application progress, by texting the word ‘ID’, a space and their 13-digit ID number to 32551. Alternatively they can call the Contact Centre on 0800 60 11 90.

How much does it cost to get an ID in South Africa?

You can get a South African ID if you are a South African citizen or permanent resident and are aged 16 years or older….Applying for an Identity Document.

Types of Applications Cost of Applications Photographs
Replacement of an ID or Smart Card R140 Two identical ID photos
Temporary ID R70 Two identical ID photos

Do I need a real ID if I have a passport?

Do I need a REAL ID if I’m flying internationally? You’ll need your passport for international travel, and you can use your passport to verify your identity at the TSA checkpoint instead of a REAL ID-compliant state-issued driver’s license.

How to get the correct ID from the Department of Home Affairs?

To apply to correct information in your ID book, simply submit the following to any office of the Department of Home Affairs: Forms BI-9 and BI-309 completed with the correct information. Proof of the error, that shows the correct information e.g. birth certificate.

Where can I find a Home Affairs form?

Some are in PDF format and will need to be filled in by hand. Others can be filled in online and then printed to be signed. Find the form you are looking for by searching in the PDF forms and Online forms tabs.

How to contact Department of Home Affairs South Africa?

To get the SMS updates, simply SMS the word “ID” followed by your ID number to 32551. You will be charged R1 for each SMS sent. First time applicants must submit the following documentation to their nearest Department of Home Affairs office or South African mission or consulate abroad: Form BI-9, completed in black ink

How to apply for a DHA home online?

eHomeAffairs allows the following: 1 Submit ID and Passport applications online, 2 Make online payments for applications, 3 Make bookings where allowed.