What country is spelled with 9 letters?

What country is spelled with 9 letters?

The country name Argentina has 9 letters.

How many 10 Letter countries are there?

18 countries
There are 18 countries with 10 letter names. Of the 18, 10 are in Asia, four are in Africa, three are in Europe, and 1 is in North America.

How many countries have 8 letters in their name?

Botswana is a country name that contains 8 letters. At least 24 country names contain eight letters of the alphabet….Countries With 8 Letters.

Rank 8 Letter Countries
6 Colombia
7 Djibouti
8 Dominica
9 Ethiopia

What is a country with 7 letters?

Apart from the six countries highlighted above, other countries that have seven letters in their names include Andorra, Austria, Bahamas, Burundi, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Granada, Hungary, Iceland, Morocco, Ireland, Moldova, Lesotho, Namibia, and Nigeria.

What is the weirdest country name?

5 Of The Weirdest Countries In The World

  1. 1 Bhutan. “We do not believe in Gross National Product.
  2. 2 Kazakhstan. Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat put Kazakhstan on the map in 2006, and left millions scratching their head about the weird Central Asian country.
  3. 3 North Korea.
  4. 4 Belarus.
  5. 5 Armenia.

Are there any countries that end with the letter R?

Then, the following list of over over 5 countries is for you. All these countries ending with r are verified using recognized sources for their authenticity before being published. Finding countries that end with letter R, from a single web page can be a difficult task. But that is not a valid statement anymore!.

What are the names of 9 letter countries?

9 Letter Countries; Argentina: Australia: Cape Verde: Costa Rica: East Timor: Guatemala: Indonesia: Lithuania: Macedonia: Mauritius: Nicaragua: San Marino: Singapore: Swaziland: Venezuela

What are the names of countries that end in?

Countries that End in A. 1 Abkhazia – States with limited recognition. 2 Albania. 3 Algeria. 4 Andorra. 5 Angola. 6 Antigua Barbuda. 7 Argentina. 8 Armenia. 9 Australia. 10 Austria.

Are there any countries that start with the letter AB?

Countries beginning and ending with a Abkhazia Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua Barbuda Argentina Armenia Australia Austria