What cannabis strain has the biggest yield?

What cannabis strain has the biggest yield?

If you are looking for one of the highest yielding indoor strains, Super Silver Haze can deliver up to nineteen ounces of flower per square meter. It takes nine to eleven weeks for this strain to be ready to harvest. Super Silver Haze can be grown outdoors, but it does best in an indoor hydroponic cultivation system.

Is Skywalker OG and exotic?

This dank bud boasts an intense THC level ranging from 20-25% on average and a combination of both indica and sativa effects. Skywalker OG has an aroma of spicy herbal jet fuel and a taste of spicy diesel with an herby aftertaste.

What are the strongest marijuana strains?

The strongest marijuana strain found by Leafly is Chiquita Banana. The average THC level in this strain is a staggering 33 percent. This is a crossbred strain made from several already-potent parent flowers. Beginners should not be using strains like Chiquita Banana,…

What is the highest yielding strain?

is a predominantly Indica strain that grows exceptionally well in hot climates.

  • dry conditions and can be grown both indoors and out.
  • Blue Dream.
  • Northern Lights.
  • Cheese Quake.
  • Purple Trainwreck.
  • Critical Mass.
  • Big Bud.
  • Chronic.
  • What is the biggest marijuana plant?

    Big Trees. Each season, Lambsbread, a hardcore cultivator and medical marijuana user, grows out just six plants—but they are huge, with the largest, a Lemon Kush, topping 14 feet last fall. Many others in this region south of the city of Grants Pass grow plants this large, or even larger.

    What is ruderalis marijuana strain?

    Ruderalis is a strain of cannabis that originated from Central Asia. Marijuana comes in a wide range of different strains that are often labelled as indica, sativa, hybrid, or even hemp. Many claim that the differences between indica and sativa strains are like night and day.