What are the three types of splints?

What are the three types of splints?

Splint Types

  • Long leg posterior splint.
  • Stirrup splint.
  • Posterior ankle splint.

What is a splint kit?

Product description: Prosplints are quick and easy to use, taking only a few moments to apply and remove. Since splints are constructed of 100% non-absorbent material, blood, gas and other fluids are easily removed and cleaned with warm water and soap.

What are the types of splints?

Commonly Used Splints and Casts

Area of injury Type of splint
Forearm/wrist Volar/dorsal forearm, single sugar-tong
Elbow/forearm Long arm posterior, double sugar-tong
Knee Posterior knee, off-the-shelf immobilizer
Tibia/fibula Posterior ankle (mid-shaft and distal fractures), bulky Jones

What does it mean to splint a patient?

splint. transitive verb. Medical Definition of splint (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : to support and immobilize (as a broken bone) with a splint. 2 : to protect against pain by reducing the motion of the patient splinted his chest by a fixed position and shallow breathing.

What articles can be used as a splint in case of fracture?

Rigid Splint: Any rigid object, such as wood or plastic boards, broomstick, book or a rolled-out newspapers, which can be used to splint a fractured arm or leg. Flexible Splint: Any flexible object, like a pillow or a bed sheet with several folds. This type is used for foot, ankle and joint fractures.

When splinting an injured body part should you?

A basic rule of splinting is that the joint above and below the broken bone should be immobilized to protect the fracture site. For example, if the lower leg is broken, the splint should immobilize both the ankle and the knee. Pulses and sensation should be checked below the splint at least once per hour.

Can a fracture heal in a splint?

Splints and Casts Many broken bones (also called fractures) can be treated with a splint or a cast. They keep the bone from moving, which helps it heal. It also cuts down swelling and pain.

How does Softpro functional resting hand splint work?

More About This Product SoftPro™ Functional Resting Hand Splint treats moderate flexion contractures of wrist/hand/thumb. Bend-to-fit construction allows easy modification without heat or tools even at the difficult to fit thumb. Adjustable for ulnar/radial deviation.

What does dynopro flex hand splint do for You?

The DynoPro Flex hand Splint offers neuro-dynamic therapy for a fisted hand and moderate to severe wrist contractures. It reverses moderate to severe flexion and or spasticity of the wrist, hand and fingers. The splint provides neuro-rehabilitation while the patient wears the device.

What are the different types of hand splints?

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How does a heat moldable hand splint work?

It reverses moderate to severe flexion and or spasticity of the wrist, hand and fingers. The splint provides neuro-rehabilitation while the patient wears the device. Two incrementally larger palmar rolls are also included to gradually open the hand. The heat moldable splint provides gentle ulnar drift correction. Please wait… Please wait…