What are the qualifications for air hostess?

What are the qualifications for air hostess?

Career in Air Hostess 2021 Eligibility

Requirement Criteria (Air Hostess)
Age 18 – 26 years (age limit might vary for different institutes)
Educational Qualification 10+2 standard (Science, Commerce, and Arts)
Marital Status* Unmarried (mostly preferred)
Languages Hindi, English and other languages

What is ground hostess?

Cabin services include cleaning and restocking the planes before the passengers can board them. Issuing tickets to passengers. Assisting passengers by answering questions, providing directions, or attending to their other needs. This includes helping passengers with inquiries about delayed or lost baggage.

How do I become a 2021 air hostess?

Below is a list of courses that he can study to become an Air Hostess or Steward.

  1. Diploma course.
  2. Diploma in Air Hostess Training.
  3. Diploma in Airlines Management.
  4. Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management.
  5. PG Diploma in International Airline and Travel Management.
  6. Diploma in Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant Training.

What is age limit for air hostess?

Eligibility. For the admission in air hostess programme, the candidate should have the following: Age Limit: Candidate age limit within 17 years to 26 years. Height: Minimum 5 ft and 2 inches with balanced weight.

What is the salary of Air Hostess per month?

13-17 off days per month. Retirement benefits….So, Let’s start with the In Flight and Ground Service Salaries According to Job Title:

Job Category Annual Salary
Flight Attendant Rs.480,000 to 675,000
Senior Air Hostess Rs.550,000 to 825,000
Ground Attendant Rs.504,000 to 735,000
Cabin Crew Rs.504,000 to 702,000