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What are the most prestigious short story competitions?

What are the most prestigious short story competitions?

The best writing competitions for budding writers to enter this…

  • The Bridport Prize.
  • Bristol Short Story Prize.
  • National Poetry Competition.
  • The First Novel Prize.
  • Flash 500.
  • Bath Novel Writing Prize.

Is the Bridport Prize legitimate?

From humble beginnings, the Bridport Prize has become a highly-respected literary accolade which helped launch the career of numerous best-selling authors and a Poet Laureate. Now in its fortieth year, it continues to attract new talent around the world.

How do you write a 500 word short story?

How to write your 500 Words story

  1. Find a space to write. This could be at the kitchen table, in the library, or even on the bus to school.
  2. Turn off your inner critic. Every author has a critic inside their head telling them what they’re doing wrong.
  3. Grab your reader’s attention.
  4. Show, don’t tell.
  5. Craft the perfect ending.

Which is the best flash fiction contest in the UK?

11. Bath Flash Fiction Contest This British flash fiction contest is a rolling contest, which means as soon as one contest ends, the next begins. Each one lasts 4 months. Latest judge is Michelle Elvy, and it’s organized by Jude Higgins. They also publish an anthology, so finalists out of the money still get their work published.

What’s the word count for a flash fiction contest?

Any contests with word count limits over 1,000 words will be listed on the short story competitions page (see link above). If you run a flash fiction competition and would like to be featured on this page, please contact me and provide all of the following information :

Are there any contests for Super Short Fiction?

Below is a list of flash fiction contests where you can submit your super short fiction for a chance to win cash and other prizes. WOW! Women On Writing Quarterly Flash Fiction Contest

How much is the Bath Flash Fiction Award?

Notes on Ad Hoc Fiction Competition: Any style / genre – run by Bath Flash Fiction Award – winner earns free entry into the Bath Flash Fiction award (usually £9) which offers a £1,000 top prize – look in the ‘Ad Hoc Fun’ section of the site for competition details