What are the changes to Rogues in Legion?

What are the changes to Rogues in Legion?

This post covers all of the changes to Rogues in Legion: talents, spec-specific abilities, artifacts, class changes, spell animations, glyphs, and tier sets. Wowhead has guides to each spec written by popular Warcraft community members, linked above. All Rogue guides are by Vigilate.

Is there a rogue class in World of Warcraft?

Our overview of the Rogue class and its specialisations in WOW Legion! The Rogue is a unique example within World of Warcraft’s roster of damage-dealing classes, as it is the only one that is exclusively based around melee damage.

What are the changes to the Legion Class?

Raid-wide buffs are removed in Legion and only healers can mass-resurrect. Recuperate, a heal over time based on combo points, is removed for all Rogues. The new self heal is Crimson Vial and does not require combo points. Its potency can also be increased via Iron Stomach.

Are there any changes to the Rogue specs?

Rogue specs did not have clear distinct fantasies–so pretty bold changes were made. Assassination is now the only spec with poisons and bleeds. Garrote is now a rotational ability for Assassination. When used from Stealth, it still silences the target for 3 seconds and applies a strong bleed.

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