What are the 3 types of drop shots?

What are the 3 types of drop shots?

Which are the different types of badminton drop shot?

  • Basic or slow forehand drop shot.
  • Slice or fast forehand drop shot.
  • Reverse slice drop shot.
  • Basic backhand drop shot.
  • Slice backhand drop shot.

What is a drop shot in tennis called?

Tennis. A good drop shot requires great touch. The ball should bounce low and near the net, sometimes with underspin (or backspin). A very soft drop shot, that just barely travels over the net, is sometimes called a dink (a term possibly borrowed from volleyball).

How do you beat a drop shot in tennis?

Hard to hit a dropper when you are on the run. Even harder to hit a dropper winner when you are already at net. Otherwise, watch his hands and be ready to move forward when he hits the dropper. When you get to the dropper, push it back deep to his weaker side and try to volley the return shot.

What type of skill is a drop shot?

Tennis forehand drop shot. The drop shot enables players to move their opponent to the front court. This will either, win a point or create space in the mid and back court to exploit.

What is lob shot in tennis?

In tennis, the goal of the lob shot is to hit a ball over the opponent who is in volley position. The lob can be both a defensive and offensive tactic. But it also can be very frustrating: too short, it helps your opponent shine with a free smash and gives him confidence.

What is a Dink shot in tennis?

The dink shot is a soft and controlled shot that is intended to move downward shortly after it clears the net, landing in the no-volley zone (ideally at your opponents feet). This slow moving shot can be an effective weapon that you should strongly consider adding to your game.

What are the different types of tennis shots?

Thus tennis shots can be categorized according to when they are hit (serve, groundstroke, volley, half volley), how they are hit (smash, forehand, backhand, flat, side spin, block, slice, topspin shot), or where they are hit (lob, passing shot, dropshot, cross-court shot, down-the-line shot).

What is a groundstroke in tennis?

A groundstroke or ground stroke in tennis is a forehand or backhand shot that is executed after the ball bounces once on the court. It is usually hit from the back of the tennis court, around the baseline.

What is a deep shot in tennis?

1. This is a term used in tennis to describe a hit that goes deep into the opposite court, nearly hitting the baseline. Examples Of How Deep Shot Is Used In Commentary. 1. Sampras uses a strong backhand to send a deep shot across court that hugs the baseline for a point.