What album is SOS on ABBA?

What album is SOS on ABBA?


Who sang the name of the game in 1979?

The Name Game

“The Name Game”
Single by Shirley Ellis
Label Congress
Songwriter(s) Shirley Ellis Lincoln Chase
Producer(s) Charles Calello

Who wrote the name of the game?

Shirley Ellis
Lincoln Chase
The Name Game/Composers

Did Abba SOS reach number 1?

Erasure covered SOS and three other Abba songs on their 1992 E.P. Abba-Esque, reaching number one in the UK singles chart.

Is SOS the best Abba song?

As the world awaits new music by ABBA, another high-profile publication has weighed in with its verdict on the ten best songs in the catalogue of the super-Swedes — and the No. 1 may be something of a surprise.

What is snaps is the name of the game?

Snaps – Playing The Word This is done by saying – “Snaps is the name of the game.” You must then use a combination of short sentences and snaps to give the group clues. Let’s say the word/ name you choose was Will Smith. You start by saying a sentence that begins with a W.

What is Abba’s most played song?

The Most Played ABBA Tracks List

  • Dancing Queen.
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You.
  • Take A Chance On Me.
  • Mamma Mia.
  • The Winner Takes It All.
  • Waterloo.
  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! ( A Man After Midnight)
  • The Name Of The Game.

Where did the name of the game by ABBA come from?

When the band’s manager Stig Anderson heard the backing track, he suggested “The Name Of The Game” as the song’s new title. It topped the UK charts but in all the other territories where ABBA were at the time successful it fell short of the top spot. The Fugees sampled the bass and synthesizer from this for their 1997 hit “Rumble In The Jungle.”

What was the name of the first ABBA song?

“The Name of the Game”, first called “A Bit of Myself”, was the first song to be recorded for ABBA’s fifth studio album, following the band’s European and Australian tour.

When did the song the name of the game come out?

A preliminary version of “The Name of the Game” was worked into the 1977 feature film ABBA: The Movie, for which it was written. When it was eventually finished, it was released as the lead single from ABBA: The Album in October 1977.

When was the name of the game sampled by the Fugees?

“The Name of the Game” was sampled in 1996 by the Fugees for their hit ” Rumble in the Jungle “, the first time that an ABBA song had been legally sampled by another act. This section needs additional citations for verification.