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Was the Tu-144 a copy of the Concorde?

Was the Tu-144 a copy of the Concorde?

The TU-144 (AKA “Concordski”) was mostly a copy of the Concorde. The Russians had spies working in the French engineering department who stole all the plans. Most differences are the result of their need to complete the parts the British and French hadn’t finished yet when the spies were discovered.

Is Concorde faster than Tu-144?

Bigger, faster and less advanced The Tu-144 was about 12 feet longer than the Concorde, and its wingspan was wider by 10 feet. With a passenger capacity of 140, it also carried 20 more seats than its rival and could fly higher and faster with a top speed of Mach 2.15. (Concorde’s top speed was Mach 2.04).

Did the Soviets copy the Concorde?

It was one of the first aircraft to have brakes made of carbon fibres, which could withstand the enormous heat generated trying to slow the aircraft after landing (Concorde had a high landing speed around 185mph (296km/h). But the Russians were not able to mimic this design.

What is the Russian version of the Concorde?

Tupolev Tu-144
The plane I am talking about is the Tupolev Tu-144 … but it is better known as the Russian Concorde. The early 1960s was saw the phrenetic start to the Cold War. The Soviet government announced it would be developing a supersonic passenger plane in response to the Anglo-French Concorde.

What caused the TU-144 to crash?

The crash, at the Paris Air Show on Sunday, 3 June 1973, damaged the development program of the Tupolev Tu-144. One theory is that a French Mirage jet sent to photograph the aircraft without the knowledge of the Soviet crew caused the pilots to take evasive manoeuvres, resulting in the crash.

What was the difference between Concorde and Tu-144?

While both Concorde and the Tu-144 prototype had ogival delta wings, the Tu-144’s wing lacked Concorde’s conical camber. Production Tu-144s replaced this wing with a double delta wing including spanwise and chordwise camber.

Where did Russia’s Concorde the ” Tu-144 ” fly?

In the race of supersonic travel between the west and the Soviet Union, Russia managed to produce the Tu-144. Almost identical to the Concorde, it operated for many years in behind the Iron Curtain – but where exactly did it fly? Let’s explore. Tupolev Tu-144LL supersonic flying laboratory in joint Russian and US colors in 1998.

When was the Tupolev Tu-144 first flown?

The Tupolev Tu-144 was first flown in 1968 and had the record as the world’s first commercial supersonic passenger jet (it was built and operated three months before the Concorde). It was designed not only as an answer to the Concorde but to link several major cities in the USSR.

When was the last time a Tu-144 crashed?

Alas on 23 May 1978, during a pre-delivery test flight of a brand new Tu-144, something went wrong, and the aircraft crashed, killing both pilots. The last trip with passengers took place on 1 June 1978, and the plane would never fly revenue routes again. It did, however, fly more cargo flights.