Is Wet Seal Inc still in business?

Is Wet Seal Inc still in business?

Wet Seal can still be found online The retailer had filed for bankruptcy for the second time in its history in 2017 (via Fortune). But a cryptic goodbye message suggested all was not lost, as Bustle advised at the time. Indeed, the hit 90s retailer made a surprise return just last year, just not as a brick-and-mortar.

Why was the store called Wet Seal?

Wet Seal was founded in 1962 as Lorne’s and was incorporated as Wet Seal in 1990. The name reportedly came from the founder’s wife who, at a fashion show, said a model in a bathing suit reminded her of a wet seal. In its heyday, the retailer expanded into multiple chains.

Who bought Wet Seal?

Canadian retail store chain Suzy Shier acquires Wet Seal. 1991: The Wet Seal chain comprises 112 stores.

What happened Wet Seal?

Wet Seal returned with extended sizing, meaning the retailer is officially back and so much better than ever. Things weren’t going so swell for Wet Seal. The retailer filed for bankruptcy for the second time in its history in February 2017, so it looked like consumers would have to bid the brand a final adieu.

Did Arden B go out of business?

Arden B. Owned by Wet Seal, Arden B hit the scene as a “sexed-up separates brand” in 1998, intended to compete with stores like Bebe and Express, according to Fashionista. In 2014, Arden B said goodbye for good, just a few years before its parent company did.

When did Contempo Casuals close?

Perhaps the brand was already in financial trouble. Six years later, in 2001, Contempo Casuals disappeared from America’s malls when all of its remaining stores were converted into Wet Seals and Arden B (which are also now defunct).

Who bought Millers Outpost?

Amcena Corp.
In the late 1960s, he founded Miller’s Outpost, a retail clothing chain that specialized in selling jeans, his family said. After growing the chain to about 100 Miller’s Outpost stores, Miller sold the company to retailing group Amcena Corp.

Where is the headquarters of the Wet Seal?

Wet Seal is an American teen clothing retailer headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California.

When did Wet Seal close all of its stores?

On January 27, 2017, Business Insider and other news outlets reported that Wet Seal was closing all of its stores immediately and terminating all staff and employees, part of an American retail phenomenon of store closures known as the retail apocalypse.

What kind of clothing does Wet Seal sell?

The company’s Wet Seal stores offered apparel and accessories for teenage girls. The Arden B. stores provided feminine, contemporary collections of fashion separates and accessories until 2015.

How big is a blink Wet Seal store?

Blink stores focused on denim products for the same teenage girl market as Wet Seal, but with store sizes of 1,600 square feet (150 m 2) versus the 4,000 square feet (370 m 2) of Wet Seal.