Is Waves CLA-2A good?

Is Waves CLA-2A good?

“CLA-2A is like the real hardware; it delivers smooth, warm tube-based optical compression sound into my vocals and acoustic guitar tracks. The sonic quality is amazing. I’ve never mixed a record without using CLA-2A.” “This compressor brings anything I put it on to life.

What is CLA-2A plugin?

The CLA-2A (TDM) from Waves is a plug-in modeled after a legendary classic compressor/limiter. Like the original electro-optical tube compressor, the plug-in retains the smooth, frequency-dependent behavior that has made the hardware a favorite of engineers everywhere.

Who made CLA-2A?

James F. Lawrence II
The LA-2A Leveling Amplifier is an audio compressor invented by James F. Lawrence II, founder of the Teletronix Engineering Company in Pasadena, California in the early 1960s. Teletronix was sold to Babcock Electronics of Costa Mesa, California in 1965.

Is CLA-76 any good?

“The CLA-76 is one of the most reliable compressor plugins available.” “If somebody would take the CLA-76 from me I’d probably lose my mind…or use one of those other great compressors Waves has.” “The CLA-76 makes pretty much everything that runs through it sound better.”

Which CLA compressor is the best?

Waves – CLA-76 (Best Compressor for Pop and EDM Vocals) – $249. The CLA-76 is the first analog modeled plugin compressor on this list. While Waves doesn’t explicitly say this on their website, the plugin is meant to emulate a classic 1176 compressor/limiter of the mid-60s.

What is RVOX?

Renaissance Vox is an easy-to-use dynamics processor, designed especially for tracking and mixing vocals. It provides compression, gating, and limiting in an easy-to-use interface. You can view the Renaissance Vox interface in any of three styles.

What kind of plug in is waves CLA-2A?

The CLA-2A is a software plug-in to be used in a DAW. It digitally emulates the processing of the famous LA-2A compressor. Waves plug-ins are easy to install.

Is there a free version of the CLA-2A compressor?

Download free Waves CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter Compressor Demo Modeled on the legendary electro-optical tube compressor, the CLA-2A emulates the original’s smooth, frequency-dependent behaviors that have made it a favorite of engineers everywhere. Modern Lost Angel is a free LA-2A compressor clone plug-in developed by Antress.

Which is better CLA 2A or CLA 3A?

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and electric bass underscores that. Some swear by the CLA-2A while others swear by the CLA-3A, and… they’re both right. For a smoother, warmer bass, the CLA-2A usually gets the nod. For a cleaner, tighter sound with more punch, the CLA-3A is more appropriate.

What are all the plugins in waves software?

Compressor, equalizer, maximizers, barrier, plug-ins for analysis, processing plugin vocals, guitar, drums and more. This bundle includes all the plugins that are available from the company and it may cover almost the entire spectrum of needs sound engineer and mastering engineer.