Is Volkswagen Touran a reliable car?

Is Volkswagen Touran a reliable car?

Volkswagen Touran review – Reliability and Safety Volkswagen is known for its ability to build sturdy cars and the Touran is no different. Whether you’re driving or a passenger in this car, it certainly feels like a safe pair of hands. However, Volkswagen’s scores in our Driver Power survey are only middling at best.

Is VW Touran bigger than Tiguan?

General Review of Volkswagen Tiguan vs. For Volkswagen Touran, the sizes are as follows: 1659 mm in height, 4527 mm long, and 1829 mm in width. The wheelbase is 2604 mm for Volkswagen Tiguan vs. 2791 mm for Volkswagen Touran.

How long can Volkswagen Touran last?

They last between 15,000 to 20,000 miles on the front, and up to 40,000 at the rear, and the tally of tyres thus far in the car’s life is 66. The Touran has done better than Rich’s last car, a Volkswagen Sharan, which clocked up 423,000 miles before a blown engine sent it to the scrapyard.

Where is the VW Touran made?

VW has started production of the all-new Touran MPV at its main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. The first new production VW Touran was an Oryx White vehicle in the Highline equipment level, fitted with the 1.4-liter TSI BlueMotion Technology petrol engine producing 150 PS (148hp).

Will there be a new VW Touran?

The model will remain available for the next year or two but will eventually be retired from the Wolfsburg-based brand’s range. With the Tiguan Allspace offering similar cabin space but a more appealing SUV shape, Volkswagen believes there’s no need for a new Touran.

What’s the price of a new VW Touran?

Target Price from £23,105 What Car? says… The Volkswagen Touran is a well-established MPV hero. Over the years it’s scooped up an impressive number of What Car? MPV of the Year awards, and there are plenty of reasons why. Where the Touran really shines is in how it doesn’t feel that different to drive from the Volkswagen Golf on which it’s based.

What kind of suspension does a Volkswagen Touran have?

Instead, they reasoned, it was better to bide their time until this superior set of running gear was available. The Touran was the second car in the Volkswagen Group to adopt a chassis that adopts a sophisticated independent rear suspension system.

When did the VW Touran mini come out?

Suddenly Volkswagen’s five seat offering looked a little inadequate and the designers went back to the drawing board. Fast forward to 2003 and Volkswagen at last had an entrant in the lucrative mini-MPV sector in the rather generic shape of the Touran. Why the wait?

Is the Volkswagen Touran a good family car?

The mid-sized family MPV is coming under increasing threat from more fashionable (if less practical) seven-seat SUVs, but Volkswagen’s Touran shows just what a good car you can have even when common sense is your primary buying concern. Exciting? Dramatic? Dynamic?