Is Van Morrison a nice guy?

Is Van Morrison a nice guy?

Summing Morrison up, Rogan attributes the following admission to the singer: “I’m not a nice person. I don’t expect anyone to say I’m a nice guy. For fans of Van Morrison’s music, No Surrender might seem somewhat blasphemous, focusing not so much on Van the artist, but on Van the not-very-nice man.

Where did Van Morrison write Astral Weeks?

It’s one of those songs where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that’s basically what the song says.” Morrison told Steve Turner that he was working on the song back in Belfast in 1966 when he visited painter Cecil McCartney who had drawings on astral projection “and that’s why I called it “Astral …

Who played flute on Astral Weeks?

John Payne
“Van was in a vocal booth with his guitar,” says ‘Astral Weeks’ flute player John Payne. “I’m not sure he ever talked to the musicians.”

Who recorded the classic album Astral Weeks in 1968?

Morrison then had to assign Web IV half of the copyright to any musical composition written and recorded by Morrison and released as a single within one year from 12 September 1968.

How old is Van Morrison today?

76 years (August 31, 1945)
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When did Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks album Come Out?

On its release in 1968 Van Morrison’s second album, Astral Weeks, baffled both the public and his record company. Now, 40 years later, it’s regarded as unique – a mystical, dream-like blend of spontaneous blues, jazz and folk. And Van himself is finally ready to play it live…

Which is the most melancholy song on Astral Weeks?

The two songs on Astral Weeks that are most infused with a sense of place – ‘Cyprus Avenue’ and ‘Madame George’ – are also undercut with the deepest sense of melancholy and longing.

Which is the greatest album of all time?

It still seems scarcely credible that, under such strained conditions, an album was created that has since come to be regarded as perhaps the greatest work of art to emerge out of the pop tradition.

When did Van Morrison perform Astral Weeks at Hollywood Bowl?

He’d come around to Weeks onstage, performing the album during a run of Hollywood Bowl concerts in 2008 — but with the track sequence completely reshuffled. Despite its cool reception in 1968 and Morrison’s waffling opinion in the 21st century, Astral Weeks continues to ensnare new listeners to this day.