Is there a trolley in Sea Pines?

Is there a trolley in Sea Pines?

The Sea Pines Trolley The trolley offers you an easy, convenient way to get around Sea Pines and visit your favorite locations. Take advantage of this complimentary service, courtesy of Community Services Associates.

Is the Sea Pines Trolley free?

The Sea Pines Trolley is a free service that will pick you up from any of the trolley stations and take you where you want to go. The Blue Route Beach Trolley will stop at the Beach Club, Plantation Club, the shops at Harbour Town, and Racquet Club.

How do you get around Sea Pines Hilton Head?

Complimentary with routes during the Spring and Summer seasons, the Sea Pines Trolley offers a fun and easy way to get around Sea Pines Resort. The Harbour Town Trolley stops approximately every 20 minutes at Harbour Town, The Shops of Sea Pines Center, and the Trolley Parking Lot off Greenwood Drive.

How do I get to Sea Pines Beach?

Walking and Biking Between Sea Pines Drive and the beach, there is usually a numbered beach access point every 450 ft. Within Sea Pines, there are 48 of these paths and they can be accessed by foot or by bike. If you are staying in a house that is 3 rows from the beach, getting to the nearest pathway is very easy.

How do you get around Hilton Head Island?

The best way to get around Hilton Head is by car and bike. Hilton Head is small (only 42 square miles), so you don’t need to travel too far to get from one part of the island to the other (it takes about a half-hour by car).

What is the airport code for Hilton Head SC?

Hilton Head Island Airport/Code

Can you ride bikes into Sea Pines?

Can I ride my bike into Sea Pines Plantation? Sea Pines is accessible by car for a daily fee of $9, unless you’re a guest of a property owner. There is a $1 fee per bicycle attached to your car. Once in you can ride anywhere you’d like (within reason) but it’s best to stick to the pathways.

Can you smoke on Hilton Head beach?

No smoking inside public places on Hilton Head Island. Today a town smoking ban went into effect for the island’s restaurants, bars and workplaces. It’s now against the law to smoke indoors at Hilton Head Island businesses. If patrons want to light up, they have to step outside.

What beach is Sea Pines on?

Hilton Head Island’s Premiere Beach and Golf Resort Spanning the southern third of Hilton Head Island, and located along 5,000 oceanfront acres, The Sea Pines Resort has been a quiet retreat for more than 50 years.

Are SAV and HHH the same airport?

Yes. The Savannah International Airport (in Savannah, GA) was recently re-named to Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport due to the amount of their traffic that is destined for Hilton Head. The Hilton Head Island Airport is the only airport actually located on Hilton Head Island.