Is there a surgery to make your eyes white?

Is there a surgery to make your eyes white?

BRITE-WHITE™ can remove a thin surface layer called conjunctiva. This membrane holds most of the redness and hyper-pigmentation. BRITE-WHITE™ is a no-stitch procedure, and typically takes less than 30 minutes to perform per eye. You will typically use eye drops for 8 weeks following the surgery.

Is eye whitening surgery safe?

This cosmetic procedure has a high risk of serious potential complications. Risks include poor healing, conjunctival epithelial defects, stem cell deficiency, scleral necrosis/necrotizing scleritis, infectious scleritis, infectious endophthalmitis, diplopia, and scleral calcific plaques, he says.

Can eyes be whitened?

Whitening eye drops can provide some fast-acting results, reducing redness caused by allergies or certain other triggers. If the cause of eye redness is something like conjunctivitis (pink eye), you need medicated eye drops to treat the problem.

Is it safe to change eye color?

While eye color change surgery does exist in the form of controversial laser and implant procedures, eye care experts say the safest way to change your eye color, at least temporarily, is with professionally fitted colored contact lenses.

How long is the I Brite eye whitening procedure?

If you are suffering from bloodshot, brown spots, or notice yellowing of the eye, you may be a candidate for our WhiterEyes™ procedure. This procedure pioneered by Dr. Brian, is a 100% no-stich procedure that typically takes 15 minutes.

Is it possible to whiten the surface of the eye?

Just say “No” to any cosmetic surgery that claims to whiten the eye. These procedures strip normal membranes and blood vessels on the surface of the eye, sometimes in combination with strong chemicals.

Are there any skin Surgeons in New York?

Our board-certified dermatologists in New York City are all fellowship-trained and uniquely trained in lasers and technology, cosmetic and medical dermatology, and skin surgery. Together they are highly acclaimed world experts with thousands of articles published, countless TV and media appearances, and hundreds of years of combined experience.

Who is the best eye doctor in New York?

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Kelly Vision Center is New York’s trusted choice for vision correction surgery. Dr. James Kelly has helped thousands of people improve their vision and is a pioneer in the field of Laser vision correction. Dr.