Is the Saiga good in Metro?

Is the Saiga good in Metro?

The Saiga-12 is superior to all other shotguns in the game due to its fast reload (on par with an AK-74) and potentially massive magazine size when upgraded with the 20-round extended drum magazine. It shoots faster than the Shambler and reloads faster as well, it also can fire more than 6 rounds before reloading.

Where is the shotgun Metro in Exodus?

One of the best weapons i found in Metro Exodus is the Shambler shotgun. You can find it close to the end of the Caspian chapter on the top of the tower. Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter video game developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver and available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox One.

What is the best shotgun in Metro 2033?

Uboyneg / Shambler This is the go-to shotgun, it can hold 6 shells and is semi-automatic. It’s highly effective against nosalises and watchmen. It works really well in the claustrophobic tunnels of the metro. Personally for the upgrades I recommend you upgrade the weapon for your play style I use as a CQC weapon.

What is the best AR in Metro Last Light?

Kalash 2012
In Metro 2033 Redux, the Kalash 2012 remains as the best assault rifle in game, although it is still not available until the later portion of the game, the new customization system allows the user to make the Kalash 2012 more suited to their play style.

How many guns can you carry in Metro Exodus?

three weapons
In Metro Exodus, you can carry three weapons a time, including one from a Special Weapons class of pneumatic firearms. It’s a dusty world that’s hard on mechanical things, so upkeep and customization is key to improving your killing power.

Is the valve good Metro: Last Light?

The valve has an exceptionally good penetration and can kill enemies behind light to medium cover, such as metal sheeting or car doors from extremely far away.

Is there a Saiga 12 in Metro Last Light?

Saiga-12, known in-game simply as the Saiga , is a magazine-fed pre-war automatic shotgun available only in Metro Last Light. Unlike some Last Light weapons featured in Metro 2033 Redux, it acts as a stand in for the Abzats from Metro 2033, as a powerful automatic shotgun, though the Abzat was later added to the game by purchasing the Season Pass .

What kind of magazine does a Saiga use?

The Metro-made Saiga uses an AK-style 12-gauge curved magazine, loosely based on the 10 round box magazine found in real life. The real-life Saiga-12 can use smaller magazines with capacities of 2 or 5 rounds, and larger 12-round stick magazines and 20-round drums also exist in reality.

Where can you find the Saiga in Metro 2033?

It can be seen in Armory Station in the Metro 2033 Redux , but is unobtainable. The Saiga-12 is a rotating bolt, gas operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic 12-gauge combat shotgun. Developed in the 1990s, it has seen use in the Russian military, and is also in use by civilians for sport or hunting.

Which is the best shotgun in Metro Last Light?

This pre-war automatic shotgun is very reliable and has a high rate of fire, which makes it a great weapon for dealing with packs of mutants. Saiga-12, known in-game simply as the Saiga , is a magazine-fed pre-war automatic shotgun available only in Metro Last Light.