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Is the Detroit series 60 A good engine?

Is the Detroit series 60 A good engine?

At lower RPM the Series 60 has very good fuel mileage, but at higher RPM the fuel economy drops out the bottom. At higher RPM the demand for fuel is higher thus fuel mileage suffered. Though the Detroit Series 60 has its issues, it is a very reliable engine and has less to worry about than modern trucks.

How many horsepower can a 60 series Detroit Diesel put out?

Detroit Diesel Series 60

Series 60
Cooling system Water-cooled
Power output 330–605 hp (246–451 kW) at 1800–2100 rpm (11.1 L)
Torque output 1,150–2,050 lb⋅ft (1,559–2,779 N⋅m) at 1200 rpm (11.1 L)

Is the 12.7 Detroit a good motor?

It has been my experience that all Detroit 12.7 have a weak assometer but normally pull pretty good. The torque peak on this engine is 1200 RPM, but you should see the boost run up to around 25-28 psi at @1700 RPMs on a hard pull.

How many miles will a Detroit 60 series last?

Parts wear out over time, but quicker if the truck has been over-rev’d, over-torqued or just run too darn hard. The typical time frame for a Series 60 Detroit (which is the go-to standard among 13L pre-emission diesel motors) to need an overhaul is somewhere between 750,000-1,000,000 miles.

How can I get more horsepower out of my 60 series Detroit?

Install a high flow muffler to allow air to flow out of the engine freely. A ported exhaust manifold can increase the horsepower that your engine achieves by up to 35 percent. Invest in performance fluids for your engine.

How much power can you get out of a 12.7 Detroit?

Horsepower and Torque The 12.7L only has a horsepower capacity of 380-455 at 1,800 RPM, while the 14L is a bit higher at 425-515 at the same RPM. Similarly, the rated torque on the 14L increased, coming in at 1,550-1650 lb-ft. at 1,200 RPM, up from 1,350-1,550 lb-ft on the 12.7L.

How much do horsepower does Detroit 60 series have?

Introduced in 1987, the Detroit Diesel Series 60 does well in fuel-economy tests and is considered as one of the most cost-effective vehicles of its kind. It rates consistently at the top of its category. The six-cylinder engine already produces 425 horsepower but a few simple modifications can increase that even further.

What are the Detroit Diesel Series 60 torque specs?

Detroit Diesel Series 60 Power and torque Power 11.1 liter 250-350 hp, 187-261 kW @ 2100 rpm 12.7 liter 350-425 hp 261-317 kW @ 2100 rpm 14.0 liter 425-515 hp 317-384 kW @ 1800-2100 rpm Torque 11.1 liter 1100-1250 lb.ft, 1492-1695 Nm @ 1200 rpm 12.7 liter 1250-1400 lb.ft, 1695-1898 Nm @ 1200 rpm 14.0 liter 1450-1650 lb.ft, 1966-2237 Nm @ 1200 rpm.

What is Series 60 engine?

Detroit Series 60: a Revolutionary Engine. The popular Detroit Series 60 engine was introduced in 1987. This in-line, 4-cycle, 6-cylinder diesel engine uses the innovative DDEC electronic fuel control system to provide engine management reports, answering the high demand for a fuel-efficient heavy-duty engine.