Is the contender based on a true story?

Is the contender based on a true story?

The Contender is a 2000 American political drama film written and directed by Rod Lurie. It stars Gary Oldman, Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges and Christian Slater. The film focuses on a fictional United States President (played by Bridges) and the events surrounding his appointment of a new Vice President (Allen).

Is the contender a good film?

So it’s pleasing to welcome writer-director Rod Lurie’s The Contender, a fairly serious movie dealing with the actual process of politics. The movie is entertaining, plausible, and often very funny, with an outstanding performance from Oldman as a seemingly honest, sincere reactionary.

What year was the film The Contender made?

October 13, 2000 (USA)
The Contender/Release date

Where was the contender filmed?

Take a gander at the plot of “The Contender,” the new political thriller that was filmed in Virginia and is steeped in Virginia politics.

What happens at the end of the contender?

Alfred tries to convince James to go to the hospital, but James wants to be left alone. James asks Alfred for money for a fix, but Alfred refuses and says he wants to help James beat the addiction. The book ends as Alfred walks James to the hospital.

Who won The Contender Season 1?

Sergio beat Jesse on points. (Numbers refer to the episode in which the fight took place.) On the final night in Las Vegas, Alfonso Gomez took on Jesse Brinkley for 200,000 prize.

What is the vapid contender in real life?

Vapid Contender in Real Life: The design of the Vapid Contender is based on a real life Toyota Tunder Devolro Diablo, Ford Raptor, Ford F-150.

How does the contender end?

Alfred tells James that he is going to stick by him, and that they are going to go back to school and that James is going to get a job. Alfred says he will help with everything. James refuses, and Alfred gets up to leave, which makes James relent. The book ends as Alfred walks James to the hospital.

Why does Alfred quit boxing?

It represents Alfred’s ascension toward maturity and his continuing effort. That first night, it was a monstrous, terrifying barrier. On his next visit, they were “friendly old steps” that he bounced up two at a time. When he wanted to quit, they were “crummy steps”; he had to stop twice to catch his breath.

Is Sergio Mora still boxing?

California, U.S. Sergio Mora (born December 4, 1980) is a former American professional boxer. He is a former WBC light middleweight champion and was the first winner of NBC’s The Contender series….Draws.

No. 14
Result Win
Record 14–0
Opponent Ishe Smith
Location Pasadena, California, U.S.

Who are the contenders in the movie The Contender?

Senator Laine Hanson is a contender for U.S. Vice President, but information and disinformation about her past surfaces that threatens to derail her confirmation. Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 1 win & 20 nominations. See more awards » … … … … … … …

Who is Laine Hanson in the contender movie?

A political thriller about Laine Hanson, a Senator who is nominated to become Vice President following the death of the previous office holder. During the confirmation process, Laine is the victim of a vicious attack on her personal life in which stories of sexual deviancy are spread.

Who is Joan Allen in the contender movie?

Her confirmation hearings set off a firestorm of controversy as shocking secrets from Hanson’s past are revealed, threatening her personal life as well as her political future. Rod Lurie’s “The Contender” is a well made political thriller that focuses on Rebulican turned Democrat Laine Hanson (Joan Allen) as the new appointed VP.

Why was Jeff Bridges in the contender movie?

At the time, the Lewinsky scandal was in the news, and actor Jeff Bridges acknowledged the story was a response to it. In writing the screenplay, Lurie considered a number of possible endings, including one in which Laine is assassinated. However, he wanted to give a message of hope to his daughter and audiences.