Is the APC9 a real gun?

Is the APC9 a real gun?

The B APC (Advanced Police Carbine) is a family of firearms produced and manufactured by B (formerly known as Brügger & Thomet) of Switzerland. Announced in 2011, the submachine guns series uses standard 9×19mm (APC9)..Brügger & Thomet APC.

Type Submachine gun
Place of origin Switzerland
Service history
In service 2011–present

Who owns B?

In 1997 Brügger & Thomet was converted into a AG. Some time after, Heinrich Thomet withdrew from the enterprise and sold his shares to Brügger, who remains the sole owner of B. The company was ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2005. The company name was changed to B AG in 2011.

How much is a APC9?

Caliber: 9 x 19 mm. Barrel length: Cold Hammer Forged 175 mm (6.88″) Barrel twist: 1:10. Muzzle feature: H&K 3-Lug….FEATURES & SPECS:

Caliber 9mm
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price $2,250.00

What does APC9 stand for?

Advanced Police Carbine
The B APC9 (Advanced Police Carbine) and its variant B APC45 are submachine guns produced and manufactured by B (formerly known as Brügger & Thomet) of Switzerland. Announced in 2011, the weapon uses standard 9×19mm (APC9), .40 S&W, and .45 ACP (APC45) rounds. (

Does the US Army use MP5?

MP5s, of one flavor or another, are still used by US SOF units, particularly for personal protection and covert operations. Various US Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams also use the MP5, as do some military tactical teams such as USMC Special Reaction Teams (SRT).

What is replacing the MP5?

Well, Sig Sauer, makers of the Army’s new M17 and M18 handgun, stepped up to the MP5 replacement plate with its new MCX “Rattler.” Based roughly on Sig’s MCX design, the Rattler has a 5.5-inch barrel and with its folding stock collapsed, the entire gun is just 16 inches long.

Where is Brugger and Thomet?

Thun Switzerland
B AG (formerly known as Brügger & Thomet AG) is a privately owned company located in Thun Switzerland that specializes in the production of small arms, sound suppressors, weapon upgrades systems and accessories.

Who owns Brugger and Thomet?

Brügger & Thomet

Type Private company
Owner(s) Karl Brügger
Employees 30
Divisions Manufacturing, trading
Website www.brugger-thomet.ch

Is APC9 direct blowback?

B used the experience working on the MP9 to develop the APC9, their first “clean slate” design. While it is a straight blowback design for simplicity, it utilizes a beefy sprung hydraulic recoil buffer at the end of the receiver to minimize recoil.

Is the stribog any good?

As currently configured, the Stribog is a good, if flawed, alternative in a fairly crowded pistol-caliber carbine/braced handgun market, and if you like the reliability, ergonomics, and looks, you could certainly do a lot worse at the price point.

What is the Colt New Army 45?

45 Colt version with a 5½” barrel, was adopted by the U.S. Armed Forces as the Model 1909. The Colt M1917 revolver was created to supplement insufficient stocks of M1911 pistols during World War I….Colt New Service.

Colt New Service revolver
Type Revolver
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service 1898–1946