Is Solar Gard good tint?

Is Solar Gard good tint?

Solar Gard Supreme Window Tinting Film Best of all, you can count on this high-quality tint to last throughout the years instead of fading, peeling, streaking, bubbling, or any other unwanted behavior that you get from cheaper, lower-quality tints.

Does solar window film really work?

An application of solar control window film will work to provide an immediate, cost-effective and long-lasting solution. Solar reflective film blocks in some cases up to 99% of UV rays , but without reducing the amount of visible light to the naked eye.

How long does solar window film last?

Under the right conditions, window film can last for 20 years or more. This longevity depends upon a number of factors. These include the condition of the window on which the film has been placed, the quality of the materials used, the directional position that the windows are facing, and the local climate.

How much does solar window film cost?

Solar window film ranges from $8 to $14 per square foot.

How do you remove solar tint from Windows?

Use a straight razor to lift up the edge of the tint. Carefully place a straight razor underneath the tint at one corner of the inside of the top of the window. Using a razor to loosen the edge of the tint will make it easier to peel off.

What is a solar Gard tint?

Solar Gard Supreme Window Tint. Solar Gard’s Supreme window tint offers high levels of heat rejection without resorting to metallic materials. This is a purely dyed-film window tint that enables 100 percent electronics functionality, and the high quality ensures that the tint will not lose effectiveness over time.

What is a window tint?

What is Window Tint. Window tint refers to a special film or coating that may be applied to windows, whether on an automobile or building, to prevent a certain spectrum or amount of sunlight from passing through the glass.