Is pankot palace real?

Is pankot palace real?

Standing in front of the real Pankot Palace, a stunning fortification in Jaipur India, the feeling of adventure and exotic locations is certainly still there. Amer Fort, the name of the fort chosen as the location in the blockbuster movie, is a fort built by Raja Man Singh I in 1592.

What does poo treasure do?

When you have the Poo Treasure feature turned on, the animals, like elephants, will drop studs instead of “poo.” This requires that you also have the Fertilizer feature turned on as well. With fertilizer on, you get poo. With both on, you get “poo treasure”!

How do you beat the boss in the temple of Kali?

After a few seconds you will notice that one enemy is dropping a black hat. Take it and use two, grey statues (while wearing this black hat). You will activate a fire which will hit the boss. Hit him few times and he will be eliminated.

How to make Indiana Jones work in Pankot?

Take an elephant across the other section of quickmud. Make Dumbo work for you by having him pick up the other Box of Stuff and carry it back to the green pad by the bridge. Build with the bricks then stand on the platform as Indy and use his whip to pull down the bridge.

Where is the treasure in Pankot in Indiana Jones?

There’s a Treasure buried on the far side. Ride an elephant up the path, stomping all the bugs and snakes into the ground as you go. Park the pachyderm on the large orange pad to the left of the palace door. Now position your party on the three floor switches to the right of the gate.

Where is the monkey in Pankot Indiana Jones?

Go back across the quickmud and use Indy’s whip to retrieve a Banana from the bunch. Just past the spiked log is a monkey on a raised platform on the left. Toss him the Banana and he (or she. Who can tell?) will toss you a Key.

Is there a Lego Indiana Jones wiki guide?

This is the Walkthrough section of the Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Wiki Guide. The game’s stages are divided among the original three movies and a handful of bonus levels. Click the links below to view a specific part of our walkthrough guide. Was this guide helpful?