Is Melungeon Turkish?

Is Melungeon Turkish?

Hashaw’s published works regarding the ethnic origins of the Melungeons were validated by a new DNA study published in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy, which disproved the “wild claims” that Melungeons are descendants of Turkish slaves. Melungeons were born in the country of the Hatfields and McCoys.

What race are Melungeons?

Melungeons are descendants of people of mixed ethnic ancestry who, before the end of the eighteenth century, were discovered living in limited areas of what is now the southeastern United States, notably in the Appalachian Mountains near the point where Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina converge.

What language do Melungeons speak?

The Melungeons have lived for years in East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Western North Carolina. Their features are copper-skinned, dark eyed, and dark haired. They mostly had English names and commonly spoke English.

How many melungeons are there?

Researchers believe some 75,000 people are proud of their Melungeon background. Another 250,000 know they’re Melungeon and don’t want to know anything more about it. Theoretically, millions could have a Melungeon ancestor and not know it. Family surnames are often a hint.

What type of people live in Appalachia?

America’s early pioneer era saw whites, blacks, and Indians all living close together in the Appalachian range. This gave rise in the early 19th century to a multiracial group known as the Melungeons, who had African, European, and Native American ancestry. But the African influence on Appalachia persists even today.

Where was the family of the Melungeons from?

Arch Goins and family, Melungeons from Graysville, TN, 1920s. (Wikimedia Commons) One of the most fascinating genealogy stories to surface in the last decades is the enigmatic story of the Melungeons.

Who are the Melungeons of the Appalachian Mountains?

Others say the Melungeons descend from the legendary Welsh explorer Madoc, who supposedly explored the southern Appalachian region in the 1100s. Still others theorize that the Melungeons are merely a tri-racial mix of Caucasian Europeans, escaped African-American slaves and American Indians.

What kind of skin did the Melungeon Indians have?

Melungeon traits include dark hair and skin with light-colored eyes; stark contrasts in skin and hair color within a single family; American Indian features; and a particular type of bump or ridge at the back of the head (usually just above the neck). The Melungeons’ origins are still being debated.