Is mastery good for arms warriors?

Is mastery good for arms warriors?

Mastery: Increases the damage to targets affected by Deep Wounds. It does not affect outside sources of damage such as trinkets, potions, or enchantments. Versatility: Increases damage and reduces damage taken by half. Unlike Mastery, however, it affects all damage done including trinkets, potions, and enchantments.

How much hit does Arms warrior need TBC?

Stat Conversions Unlike Fury Warriors, but similar to Protection Warriors, Arms Warriors must reach 9% Hit Chance – 142 Hit Rating – to avoid missing their target.

Should I level as arms or fury TBC?

If you have low- to average-level gear, including dungeon gear, Arms is going to be a more successful spec. Fury is best for those going into Outlands with raid-level gear, since high Crit and Armor Penetration are key to this build.

What’s the hit cap for the arms warrior?

Hit Cap: Hit Cap at level 85 for the Arms Warrior is currently 8%, which is equivilant to exactly 961 hit rating. This would imply that exactly 1% hit at level 85 is equivilant to roughly 120.125 hit rating. The Draenei racial Heroic Presence boosts the individual Draenei’s hit rating by 1%, which makes the Draenei hit cap 7%.

What is the hit rating for arms warrior?

This would imply that rather than 961 hit rating, the Draenei Arms Warrior hit cap is equivilant to roughly 840.875–rounded up to 841 hit rating. Expertise Cap: Expertise cap at level 85 is still 26 rating, which equals around 792 expertise rating required for cap.

What do you need to know about arms warrior?

The Basics of Stats for Arms Warrior 1 Getting a Better Understanding. 2 Statistics. Strength is your primary stat, found on plate armor, weapons and trinkets. It provides Attack Power, which… 3 Breakpoints. Although there are various breakpoints which allow additional global cooldowns during Colossus Smash, Haste… More

What are the benefits of mastery in fury warrior?

Mastery: Increases damage done during Enrage. With enough haste, it will automatically increase the duration of your Enrage uptime making mastery even more valuable. Versatility: Baseline damage and healing increase and decrease damage taken.