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Is kamagong wood expensive?

Is kamagong wood expensive?

Kamagong. One of the hardest types of wood is the kamagong timber or “iron wood,” which is also known for its dark color. It’s also one of the most expensive woods in the market as it’s native only to the Philippines.

Is kamagong a hardwood?

Kamagong timber is extremely dense and hard and is famous for its dark color. Like many other very hard woods, it is sometimes called “iron wood” because of the wood’s density and hardness. Kamagong is also popular for martial arts training implements such as bokkens and eskrima sticks.

Is kamagong a good wood?

Also known as Philippine Ebony, Kamagong is a wood unique to the country. Kamagong is ideal for small, decorative pieces. Molave. One of the hardest local woods, Molave has a fine texture that makes it smooth to the touch.

What is kamagong wood?

“KAMAGONG” is native to the Philippines. The name usually refers to the tree and the wood, while the fruit is called mabolo. Kamagong timber is extremely dense and hard and is known for its dark color. Like many other hardwood, it is sometimes called “iron wood” because of its iron-like and nearly unbreakable strength.

What kind of skin does kamagong wood have?

Its edible fruit has a skin covered in a fine, velvety fur which is usually reddish-brown, and soft, creamy, pink flesh, with a taste and aroma comparable to fruit cream cheese (the aroma of the fruit itself, however, is unpleasant, comparable to rotten cheese or cat feces; inspiring names like the french “Caca de Chat” in Reunion).

How big is the grain of a Kamagong stick?

The grain of kamagong is very much like marble too.-28″long,approx 7/8″-1″ dia-Full Combat Stick.-The old escrima guros used rattan as an everyday stick, but they used kamagong sticks in a serious stick fight. A Master Class Stick-SOLD EACH

Is it illegal to export kamagong wood from the Philippines?

…It is an endangered tree species and protected by Philippine law – it is illegal to export kamagong timber from the country without special permission from the Bureau of Forestry,…” It looks nice but it does warp very bad.