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Is it welcome or welcomed change?

Is it welcome or welcomed change?

welcome change/welcomed change it depends on tense. if it is past tense, then welcomed change is correct and if its present tense, then welcome change is correct.

How do you say thanks for making me feel welcome?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you and I want to thank all of you for making me feel welcomed. They welcomed me with open arms, and I did, indeed, feel very welcome. “Welcome” not “welcomed”. Also, you say “thank you” twice in the same sentence.

How do you say feeling welcomed?

“Please feel welcome” is the normal way to say it. It would be used as: “feel free to give us your comments”, for example. I suppose “Please feel welcomed” is correct but it sounds very strange.

How do you express your feelings welcomed?

Alternatives to Saying ‘You’re Welcome’ in a Text or Direct Message

  1. “The pleasure is all mine.”
  2. “It is my pleasure!”
  3. “You’re very welcome.”
  4. “Glad to help!”
  5. “The feeling is mutual.”

What is the meaning of you are always welcome?

You’re welcome is used as an answer to Thank you. May as say You’re always welcome to a friend to tell them that they may come home whenever they want? – May I visit you on Sunday? – Of course, You’re always welcome!

Can I say most welcome?

To say “you’re welcome” after someone says “thank you”, and to say “Welcome” to a visitor to your house, do not mean the same thing, and you do not use the same words in the same way for both. So, “you are welcome = you are quite welcome = you are most welcome” .

Is everyone welcomed or welcomed?

Welcome is an adjective. If someone is welcome, you are pleased when they visit you. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is welcomed.

What does it mean to feel welcome?

1. Received with pleasure and hospitality into one’s company or home: a welcome guest. 2. Giving pleasure or satisfaction; agreeable or gratifying: a welcome respite from hard work. 3. Cordially or willingly permitted or invited: You are welcome to join us.

Is it all are welcome or all are welcomed?

Also, “all are welcome” can be what the hosts say, e.g. “All are welcome,” said Lady Skimmington. “We don’t mind who comes.”. While “all are welcomed” describes the welcoming, e.g. The guests begin to arrive. All are welcomed personally by Lord and Lady Skimmington.

Are welcome or welcomed?

The word “welcome” can be used as an adjective or a verb. Mostly we’d say ‘welcome’ where it was possible, though ‘welcomed’ isn’t wrong in those sentences. Yes, both constructions are acceptable. Any comment would be welcome.