Is it safe to invest in Ktdfc?

Is it safe to invest in Ktdfc?

1) KTDFC FD schemes are considered as safe as these are guaranteed by the Government of Kerala. However, they have fixed a threshold limit of Rs 4,500 Crores for such guarantee.

How safe is Kerala Treasury deposits?

However, Kerala government treasury currently provides 8.5% interest on deposits more than 1year. Since it is backed by the government it is 100% safe.

Which is best fixed deposit scheme in India?

List of 10 best FD schemes for 3 years

  1. Fincare Small Finance Bank. Fincare offers attractive rates of interest on the 3-year tenure.
  2. KTDFC. A lucrative rate of 6.00% p.a. is paid for term deposits opened for a period of 3 years.
  3. Shriram City.
  4. Mahindra Finance.
  5. Sundaram Finance.
  6. LVB.
  7. ICICI Home Finance.
  8. Yes Bank.

What is the interest rate of Kerala Treasury?

As per the order issued by the finance department on January 18 this year, the rates of interests on short-term deposits in the treasuries have been reduced and fixed at 5.40% (from previous year’s 6.50%) for deposits between 46 and 90 days, 5.90% (from 7.25%) for deposits between 91 and 180 days, 5.90% (from 8%) for …

Which scheme gives highest rate of interest?

4. Comparison table

Scheme Duration Rate of Interest*
NSC 5 years 6.8% p.a.
Post Office Monthly Income Scheme 5 years 6.6%
Senior Citizens Savings Scheme 5 years 7.4% p.a.
Kisan Vikas Patra 124 months (10 years and 4 months) 6.9% p.a.

How much interest do you get for putting money in the bank?

Average Bank Interest Rates in 2021: Checking, Savings and Money Market Rates. The average bank interest rate for interest checking accounts in the United States is 0.03%. Meanwhile, the average savings account rate is currently 0.06%, and the average money market account interest rate is 0.09%.

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