Is CT Fletcher still lifting weights?

Is CT Fletcher still lifting weights?

Known for his signature Iron Addicts workout routine, CT Fletcher focuses on the workout principles to build strength. As he pumps iron in his backyard, you can clearly see that his physique is getting stronger and more jacked post surgery. He later transitioned to Powerlifting increasing his strength monthly.

How often does CT Fletcher train arms?

C.T believes in training his 22-inch pythons to the point of exhaustion every day in the gym. In short, this means that he goes through a full Tricep and full Bicep workout every day, on top of the other training he has scheduled for any other muscle.

What age is CT Fletcher?

62 years (June 8, 1959)
C.T. Fletcher/Age
Ali Fletcher (born June 8, 1959) is an American vlogger, media personality, actor, personal trainer, and former powerlifter and bodybuilder. He is a three-time World Bench Press Champion and three-time World Strict Curl Champion.

What is a straight arm pushdown?

The straight-arm pushdown is an isolation exercise for the lower trapezius muscles; it’s the opposite movement of a shrug, which hits the upper traps. Isolating the lower traps in the gym is important for eliminating strength imbalances to reduce injury risk and help keep your shoulders and back pain-free.

What kind of training does CT Fletcher do?

CT Fletcher’s training style involves an eclectic mix of “drill sergeant, preacher, and raving lunatic.”. From the concrete jungle that is Metroflex Long Beach, he’s going to put your biceps and triceps through the wringer with nine excruciating exercises. Find a buddy to work out with because, frankly, you’ll need a shoulder to cry on.

How did CT Fletcher become a fitness icon?

CT Fletcher flatlined during the procedure and nearly lost his life. CT later adopted a clean diet and healthy lifestyle, even integrating a vegan diet. Today, is known as the successful entrepreneur, father and a worldwide recognized fitness icon who founded, Iron Addicts. CT Fletcher’s Iron Addict workouts continue to be his main principles.

What does CT Fletcher’s armed warfare workout mean?

Armed Warfare is an exercise in both mental and physical fortitude. Pain is a permanent resident in CT’s land of iron. He recognizes that this workout is going to hurt, but rather than let that bother him, he makes pain submit and yells, “Fuck you, pain!” This content cannot be displayed because you have disabled Experience cookies.

When did CT Fletcher have open heart surgery?

Fletcher knows what it takes to transform. Rising from the ruthless streets of Compton, he underwent open-heart surgery in 2005, took the following years to recuperate, and has since adopted a no-nonsense, “fuck average” approach to his training. Age is not a factor. He doesn’t let a mere number tell him what he can or cannot do.