Is Alfa Romeo 156 good car?

Is Alfa Romeo 156 good car?

Jamie Porter, Alfa Workshop: “The 156 was a superb car and people forget it was pretty advanced. The 2.0 JTS engine had direct injection while the 2.4 JTD was the first common-rail passenger car diesel engine. My favourites are the 2.0-litre Twin Spark, 1.9 TD and 3.2 GTA.

Is the Alfa Romeo 156 a classic?

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA: the Classic & Sports Car verdict The GTA has come of age: its strengths as a desirable classic outweigh its weaknesses against some contemporaries, and tired examples are now being rescued and restored. Its rarity in either body style, in every market, means that demand is outstripping supply.

Is it worth buying an Alfa Romeo?

Yes, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a good luxury small car. Its performance ranks among the highest in the class thanks to its engaging handling, comfortable ride, and strong engine. Performance enthusiasts will be drawn to the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and its muscular twin-turbocharged V6.

Which is the best Alfa 159 engine?

The 2.0 JTDm and 1750 TBi are the best engines, but there’s little demand for petrol- powered 159s, so they could be tricky to sell on. Although the 1.9 JTDm is muscular and frugal, it’s also most likely to give problems.

What kind of engine does an Alfa Romeo 156 have?

If styling is an important part of any Italian car, the engine is equally as important, it’s the heart that gives the car so much of its individual character. The 156’s heartbeat came from a 2.0-litre double overhead camshaft four-cylinder engine with twin spark plugs and four valves per cylinder or a 2.5-litre double overhead camshaft V6.

When did the Alfa Romeo 156 come to Australia?

Naturally, the Alfa wagon is much easier to load than the luggage area of a conventional two-door coupe. The Alfa Romeo 156 first arrived in Australia in February 1999 in sedan format with the station wagon being added in August 2000.

What’s the difference between a V6 and 4 cylinder Alfa Romeo?

The four-cylinder was upgraded to JTS specification midway through 2002 and we reckon it’s the one to buy. It not only has even more response, but also uses less fuel. In the usual Italian manner, the four-cylinder engine is the sporting unit aimed at the press-on driver, whereas the V6 is the luxury cruising unit.

What kind of car is the Alfa Romeo Monza?

Standard side front airbags added to the secondary protection from 2000. Carol Sainsbery says her 2.5 V6 manual looks stylish, has a user friendly cabin with comfortable seats, and is a dream car to drive. Rick Fitzgerald says his 2001 Monza has been a great car .