Is a Sigma guitar made by Martin?

Is a Sigma guitar made by Martin?

Sigma Guitars is a guitar manufacturing brand originally released by C.F. Martin as a line of guitars at affordable prices to compete with the increasing number of imported guitars from Japan and elsewhere. The Sigma line was discontinued by Martin in 2007.

Is Sigma guitars a good brand?

Sigma guitars are well-regarded as some of the best value-for-money acoustic guitars on the market and they have a range of acoustics that’ll cater for beginners through to pro players who need an acoustic to gig, write and record with.

Are Sigma guitars worth the money?

They are the best guitar for the money these days. That is, inexpensive. My experience with various Sigmas over the years is that even the solid-top models can’t hold a candle to a Shenandoah. Materials, build quality, and most importantly tone are definitely inferior.

How good are Sigma acoustic guitars?

They are good guitars at a good prices. In the US these are sold as Kindred guitars. There’s another brand that uses the name Sigma in the US, but they’re not the same guitars as the Martin designed ones.

When did Martin sell Sigma?

Some solid body electric guitars were made by Tokai Guitars Company, LTD. After finishing, “Each Sigma instrument was brought into the Martin factory to be inspected and adjusted by Martin personnel before going to the authorized retail store for retail sale.” The Sigma guitar line was discontinued in 2007.

How good are Cort guitars?

Now Cort’s are very well built, having features that represent good value for money. While Cort produce some cheap ‘getting started’ guitar packs like their Earth Pack that comes with a bag, strap, tuner, and picks – they also make quite a few models further up the range with good quality solid tops.

When did the acoustic Sigma DM come out?

Here is a nearly flawless circa 1980 Sigma by Martin acoustic DM-4 solid sitka spruce book matched top. Mahogany back& sides dread naught acoustic more guitar. These were designed, licensed, backed, inspected and marketed by Martin& Co. for those in the American market that wanted Martin quality but at an import price.

Is the Sigma DM3 guitar in good condition?

Sigma Guitars CF Martin& Co. DM3 Acoustic 6-String Guitar (Vis Wear) You are bidding on a pre-owned Sigma Guitar. Guitar is in good condition with more a few signs of normal wear. Light Ding in the finish and a missing string. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about this item and I can help as best as I can!

What’s the serial number on a Martin Sigma guitar?

It will need a set of strings! Vintage mid-1980’s Martin Sigma acoustic guitar in near perfect condition. Serial Number: 8011780 Made in Korea Drop dead gorgeous dreadnaught spruce and mahogany beauty. Shows no nicks. Dings, scratches, cracks or repairs.

Who was the company that made the Sigma guitar?

During this and later periods, Sigma actually made several types and models of acoustic and electric guitars, but they were mostly exported to Europe and distributed through Levin & Sons, a Martin-owned company based in Sweden.