How was Wegener vindicated?

How was Wegener vindicated?

Wegener often complained of their narrow-mindedness. Well after his death, and after World War II, Wegener’s theories were vindicated by the work of Harry Hess and others. In 1960 Hess proposed the mechanism of sea-floor spreading, which would explain how the continents moved.

What are 3 things Alfred Wegener did?

Alfred Wegener
Known for Continental drift theory
Scientific career
Fields Meteorology, Geology, Astronomy
Doctoral advisor Julius Bauschinger

Who is Alfred Wegener kids?

Hilde Wegener
Hanna Charlotte WegenerSophie Käte Wegener
Alfred Wegener/Children

Where did Wegener go to school?

Philipps-University Marburg1909
Humboldt University of Berlin1905Humboldt University of Berlin1899–1904Heidelberg University1899–1904University of Innsbruck1899–1904
Alfred Wegener/College

Why was Wegener’s theory not accepted?

Wegener also suggested that India drifted northward into the asian continent thus forming the Himalayas. This idea was quickly rejected by the scientific community primarily because the actual forces generated by the rotation of the earth were calculated to be insufficient to move continents.

When was Wegener’s theory accepted?

Wegener published his theory in full in 1915, but his contemporaries mostly found it implausible. By 1930 it had been rejected by most geologists, and it sank into obscurity for the next few decades.

What are some interesting facts about Alfred Wegener?

Facts about Alfred Wegener were a meteorologist, polar researcher and geophysicist from Germany. He was born on 1 November 1880 and passed away on November 1930. He was famous with his Kontinentalverschiebung or theory of continental drift that he made in 1912.

What was Alfred Wegener’s childhood like?

Alfred Lothar Wegener was born on November 1, 1880, in Berlin, Germany. During his childhood, Wegener’s father ran an orphanage . Wegener took an interest in physical and earth sciences and studied these subjects at universities in both Germany and Austria. He graduated with a Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Berlin in 1905.

What evidence did Alfred Wegener have?

Evidence of Continental. As a meteorologist Alfred Wegener was well aware of some climatological puzzles, such as the remains of temperate climate trees that can be found under polar ice. From this he began plotting world-wide distributions of both rock and fossil data that indicated tropic, desert and polar climates.

What evidence supported Wegener’s hypothesis?

One kind of evidence that supports wegeners hypothesis is that: fossils of the same organism have been found on different continents Based on this finding, we can draw a conclusion that million years ago, all the lands on the face of the earth were not separated by sea so the animals could migrate from one continent to another.