How use UNLI trinet call smart?

How use UNLI trinet call smart?

To make unlimited calls, you must dial *2949 followed by the 11-digit Smart, TNT, or Sun number of the person you wish to talk to (For example: *294909181234567). Calls are allowed any time of the day.

How much is the call from Smart to Globe?

50/minute. Regular calls from TM to Globe/TM is at P5. 50/minute and calls to other networks (including landline) is at P6. 50/minute.

What is the maximum load in smart?

For Smart/ Talk and Text Prepaid subscribers, the minimum load denomination is Php 5 and the maximum load denomination amount is Php 1,000. For Globe/TM Prepaid subscribers, the minimum load denomination amount is Php 5 and the maximum load denomination amount is Php 1,500.

How many hours of calls can I make with smart buddy?

But there’s an irony with the UNLI feature here: unlimited calls and texts can only be used from 10PM to 5PM. So the actual feature is 19 hours of unlimited calls and texts from 10pm to 5pm the next day. To CALL just dial *6400 + 11 digit smart number. Example: *640009289314857 Promo is open to Smart Buddy subscribers nationwide.

How to register to smart unlimited text, unlimited call?

to register for this service, text UCT25 to 9999. This service mainly provides unlimited texts to all networks and other internet services. Smart is regularly updating their promos. So, help your friends and family. Inform them about these new registration promos.

How to get Smart Unli call and text promo?

To register, just text UCT100 to 9999. Load amount: 100 Pesos. Validity: 7 days or 1 week. Unli Call and Text 100 Promo details: Unlimited calls and texts to SMART/TNT/SUN, Unlimited texts to all networks, 500MB mobile data for FB Messenger and WhatsApp.

What’s the rate for Smart Smart unlimited calls?

P2.50/minute and P0.20/text rates only apply to local Smart-Smart/Smart-TNT transactions. Any roaming, international and transactions made to other networks will be charged with regular rates. All Calls is Smart’s older unlicall promo that you may not want to avail while the above promos are still available.