How old was Viktor in Underworld?

How old was Viktor in Underworld?

The production notes and websites in Evolution note that Viktor was 1400 years old, and Rise of the Lycan he was 1000 years old.

How many elders are there in Underworld?

three Vampire Elders
The Chain is a term given to the system to organize the reign of the three Vampire Elders: Viktor, Amelia, and Marcus Corvinus.

Is Viktor the oldest vampire?

However, since Viktor was personally more powerful than Marcus, Viktor ended up taking control, making Marcus subordinate to him. Viktor eventually claimed to be the oldest vampire, exiled the historian, and forbade anyone from looking into the past to prevent them from discovering the truth.

Can the vampires in Underworld have children?

Vampires are also able to reproduce with Lycans, given that Sonja became pregnant by Lucian. Underworld: Awakening shows that Vampires can also breed with Hybrids, as Selene gave birth to her daughter Eve whose father is a Hybrid of both species (Lycan-Vampire).

Is Alexander Corvinus a Vampire?

Biography. Alexander was a Hungarian nobleman and warlord who had ascended to power in the early seasons of the 5th century, just in time to watch his home village be ravaged by a plague. Alexander’s second Immortal son, Marcus, was later bitten by a bat, becoming the first Vampire.

Who are the vampire elders in Underworld Blood Wars?

These three Vampires are Marcus Corvinus, Viktor, and Amelia . By the end of Underworld: Blood Wars, three new Elders were chosen. These three Vampires are Viktor’s progeny; Selene, David the son of Amelia, and the gifted Lena .

Who are the new vampires in vampire underworld?

Selene, David, and the gifted Nordic Vampire Lena are chosen as the three new Vampire Elders, restoring a central leadership to the Vampire species for the first time since the deaths of Amelia, Viktor and Marcus.

Who is the oldest vampire in the underworld?

Superhuman Speed: As the three oldest Vampires the original Elders speed is likely superior than younger Vampires and even most Lycans. They can move, fight and effectively dodge attacks with relative ease. Superhuman Senses: They also possess great auditory and visual abilities being able to hunt and fight during nightime.

Who are the characters in the movie Underworld?

The leadership and organization of the Vampire Nation is once again restored following the ascension of Selene, David, and Lena as the new Vampire Elders. In the post-production of the film, the pallor of the vampires was achieved via D.I..