How much snow did the UK get in 2010?

How much snow did the UK get in 2010?

Several local temperature records were broken including a new record low for Northern Ireland of -18.7 °C recorded at Castlederg on 23 December 2010….Winter of 2010–11 in Great Britain and Ireland.

Winter of 2010–11
Maximum snowfall accumulation 5 feet (1.5 m) at Sheffield, United Kingdom
Total fatalities 20 total
Total damage Unknown
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When was the worst snow in UK?

On 29 and 30 December 1962 a blizzard swept across South West England and Wales. Snow drifted to more than 20 feet (6.1 m) deep in places, driven by gale force easterly winds, blocking roads and railways.

Why was 2010 winter so cold?

An unusually negative Arctic Oscillation caused ‘blocking’ areas of high pressure that diverted the paths of the Jet Streams, this allowed cold polar air to spill southwards over the U.S.A. There were four major NE snowstorms; one in December 2009, three in February 2010.

Has it ever snowed in September in UK?

Scotland also recorded large falls, as did the Midlands and North of England. September saw snow in Dartmoor! A snowy period. 1920-23 were little or average.

When was the snowiest winter in the UK?

The snowiest winter of the twentieth century in the United Kingdom was 1947. Between 22 January and 17 March, snow fell every day somewhere in the country. The most disastrous avalanche in the United Kingdom occurred in Lewes, East Sussex on 27 December 1836. Eight people were killed and several houses were destroyed.

Why is this winter so cold UK?

Why the UK’s weather varies so much In both 2021 and 2018, the jet stream was unusually weak and shifted southward, allowing cold air to flood out of the Arctic. But we do know that climate change is likely to make winters milder and wetter in the UK, largely because warmer air can hold much more water.

When did snow start falling in the UK in 2010?

Scotland and Northern England were affected particularly badly with some parts seeing snow falling for most of the 5 day period. The winter of 2010 saw the UK’s earliest widespread winter snowfall since 1993 with snow falling as early as 24 November across NE England. On 1 December 76cm was recorded in the Peak District.

How different is the winter of 2010 from 1963?

How different is the winter of 2010 from 1963? Arctic weather continues to create chaos across the UK in what some are saying is the coldest winter since 1963. That winter, the snow started on Boxing Day 1962 and the big freeze lasted until March 1963.

What was weather like in Scotland in winter of 2010?

There was some snowfall in early January, and there was an anticyclonic spell at the end of the month that brought some cold, frosty days. February was above average in temperature and ended on a mild note, although the snow returned in much of Scotland during March.

When did the winter of 2009 start in the UK?

The winter of 2009–10 in the United Kingdom (also called The Big Freeze of 2010 by British media) was a meteorological event that started on 16 December 2009, as part of the severe winter weather in Europe. January 2010 was provisionally the coldest January since 1987 across the country.