How Much Is iPhone 4s worth in 2021?

How Much Is iPhone 4s worth in 2021?

Apple iPhone 4s Price and Specifications in Fiji

Name Apple iPhone 4s
New Price FJD. 79/- Aproximately
Used Price FJD. 63/- Aproximately
Release Date Released 2011, October
Specifications 3.5 Display, 512 MB RAM, 8GB/16GB/64GB storage, no card slot, 8MP Camera, 1432 mAh Battery.

Does WhatsApp still work on iPhone 4?

PSA: WhatsApp no longer works on iPhone 4s, app now requires iOS 10 or later. The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp was updated this week with a change that will impact some users who still have old phones. The latest version of the app has dropped support for iOS 9, which means it will no longer work on iPhone 4s …

Is there a way to jailbreak the iPhone 4?

It is a big security hole that the jailbreak community took advantage of to jailbreak iPhone 4. However, other clever hackers could use it for evil purposes and access your iPhone data. Therefore, the DevTeam also released a solution to patch this hole to protect jailbreakers from such attacks.

Which is the best way to jailbreak iOS without a PC?

Ziyu is the latest method to install Jailbreak apps including Cydia for latest iOS versions without PC. It uses a repo extracting method. You can install jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes up to iOS 13.3 using Ziyu. Odyssey Jailbreak is a new semi-untethered jailbreak for iOS 13 – iOS 13.7.

Which is the best jailbreak for iOS 14.4?

Zylon is the most popular third-party community based development which is providing many jailbreak solutions. It was introduced in iOS 14.3 and now compatible with all iOS 14 & higher versions. You do not need to use a computer to install Zylon at all. This is one of the best online jailbreak solutions for iOS 14.4 – iOS 14.7.

Is there a way to unjailbreak an iPhone without a computer?

There is another rising method to unjailbreak iPhone without computer. Cydia Impactor is a Cydia tweak that removes the jailbreak and restores your iOS device to stock iOS without updating the iOS version. Also, you just need to use the app and it does not require you to use a computer. Just follow this easy tutorial below.