How much is a subscription to Entertainment Weekly?

How much is a subscription to Entertainment Weekly?

Cover price is $6.99 an issue, current renewal rate is 22 issues for $49.95. Entertainment Weekly, published by Meredith, currently publishes 10 double issues. Each count as two of 22 issues in an annual subscription.

How do I cancel my Entertainment Weekly magazine?

If you prefer calling, dial 1-515-284-3000 and ask from the customer support reps to cancel your subscription. Don’t forget to ask for the confirmation email and save it once you receive it.

Is Entertainment Weekly still a weekly magazine?

The magazine is published once per month, although the legacy name Entertainment “Weekly” is still used.

What kind of articles are in Entertainment Weekly?

From hot gossip to the latest twists and turns of your favorite series, Entertainment Weekly Magazine strives to present readers with a wide range of informative articles, movie reviews, and other exciting content that will keep you turning the page.

Is there a one year subscription to Entertainment Weekly?

A one-year subscription to Entertainment Weekly Magazine gives you the ability to stay on top of all your favorite celebrities, television shows, and other intriguing entertainment news. Domestic Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses.

Why is Entertainment Weekly the most read magazine?

They’re the first to know about the best (and worst) in entertainment, and with their sharp insight and trusted voice, they keep you plugged into pop culture. It’s where buzz begins. Entertainment Weekly Magazine is one of the most-read entertainment publications on the market because it keeps its readers up to date on all the hottest topics.

What was the final straw for Entertainment Weekly?

The final straw was when they viciously attacked a celebrity who made a politically incorrect statement that the editors did NOT like.