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How much horsepower did a 1970 SS Chevelle have?

How much horsepower did a 1970 SS Chevelle have?

450 horsepower
The 450 horsepower LS6 was the most powerful engine offered in 1970. The Cowl Induction system fed cold outside air to the big 780 cfm Holley carburetor. The LS6 used the same block as the LS5, however a 800-cfm Holley four barrel bolted to an aluminum manifold replaced the Rochester Quadra Jet.

How much horsepower does an LS6 454 have?

Powertrain specs

Engine type V8
Displacement 7.4 l (452 ci)
Power 456 ps (450 bhp / 336 kw)
Torque 678 Nm (500 lb-ft)
Power / liter 62 ps (61 hp)

How much horsepower does a Chevelle SS have?

The standard Chevelle SS engine was a two-barrel 350-cubic-inch V8 rated at 245 gross (165 net) horsepower. Optional was a four-barrel carbureted version of the 350 V8 rated at 275 gross (200 net with dual exhaust and 175 net with single exhaust) horsepower.

How much HP does a ls2 have?

LS Family = Gen. 4, 6.0L, Aluminum Block, Car Engines

Performance Specifications
Compression Ratio 10.9 : 1
Horsepower Rating 390-395 hp.
Torque Rating 400 ft./lbs.

What kind of engine did a 1970 Chevelle have?

1970 Chevelle SS options included a 396 or a 454 cu. in. engine—each having a base version and a higher horsepower high-performance version available. 1970 Chevelle SS paint colors spanned across 15 different standard paint colors from white to black and everything in between.

How many Chevelle SS 454s were made in 1970?

From there, and once it was consigned to the Russo and Steele sale, the car gathered more traction as Chevelle enthusiasts all chimed in on the Internet with all sorts of L78 stories and comments. In total, 53,599 Chevelle SS 396 and SS 454 models were built in 1970 — arguably the most sought-after year for the Chevelle SS.

How much did a 1970 Chevelle SS 396 cost?

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 L78: Years Produced: 1970: Number Produced: 2,144: Original List Price: $3,254: SCM Valuation: Median to date, $61,160: Tune Up Cost: $300: Chassis Number Location: Base of windshield, door tag: Engine Number Location: Pad on front of block, passenger’s side, ahead of cylinder head: Club Info: L78 Registry: Website:

What was the top speed of a 1970 Chevelle SS SL5?

Powering the LS6 was an 454 producing 450 horse power, power output that benefited from a 4.25 x 4.00-inch bore & stroke as well as an 11.25:1 compression ratio combined with large port cylinder heads, four bolt mains, a solid lift camshaft and a forged steel crank in addition to forged aluminum pistons.