How much does a ring and pinion job cost?

How much does a ring and pinion job cost?

For replacement parts, the cost will typically be between $215-$1049, with parts and labor together costing between $372-$1647. Due to the challenging nature of the replacement, most people will need to use a mechanic rather than attempting the install themselves.

What are ring and pinion gears made of?

Ring and pinion gears are used to spin wheels and axles forwards and backwards, with their most common usage in motor vehicles to improve drive-train performance and provide extra power to the wheels.

How many teeth does 4.56 gears have?


Material 9310 – Top Fuel / Drag Racing Material
Pinion Shaft Diameter 1.625″
Spline 29
Ratio 4.56
Tooth Count 9-41

Where is USA gear made?

For over 55 years, US Gear has manufactured differential and transmission components in Chicago, Illinois. From engineering, to gear cutting, heat treating, and testing, all our product development and manufacturing processes take place in-house.

Why are ring and drive pinion gears lapped?

Lapping typically improves the wear properties of gear teeth, and corrects the minute errors in involute profile, helix angle, tooth spacing and concentricity created in the forming, cutting or in the heat treatment of the gears.

How many teeth does a 4.10 ring gear have?

The 4.10 has 41 ring and 10 pinion. Also there are 3.08 and 3.07 ratios for different rearends. 3.08 has 40 ring and 13 pinion.

How many teeth does 4.11 gears have?

37-9 Teeth
Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Motive Gear
Brand ‎Motive Gear
Model ‎Motive Gear D35-411 Rack and Pinion, 37-9 Teeth, 4.11 Ratio
Item Weight ‎11.55 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎15.5 x 11 x 5.25 inches

Who are the manufacturers of ring and pinion gear?

We are the trusted choice for ring and pinion manufacturers World wide. More than just ring and pinion gears manufacturing, we can produce differential kits, transmission parts and transfer cases as well as replacement axle shafts.

Is there a charge for ring and pinion?

Expert advice, before and after your purchase is always included at no charge. Our range of gear & axle products covers most rear-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s from about 1955 thru the current model year. To explore the Ring & Pinion Gear options for a particular axle, use our Application Guides.

When to use Amtech ring and pinion gear?

These pinion gear sets are designed and engineered to the highest quality specifications for use on the street, off highway or on the track. AmTech International ring and pinion sets are perfect for stock replacement or gear ratio changes.

How to order a ring and pinion differential?

Visit our our Differential Identification page. To order a gearset or consult with our experienced differential parts experts, call (800) 510-0950. Call before 4 PM and your order usually ships out the SAME DAY! OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ring and pinion gear sets are the highest quality you can buy.