How much does a pregnancy kit cost in India?

How much does a pregnancy kit cost in India?

MRP: ₹ 55.00 You can get ₹2.75 CASHBACK on this order + FREE DELIVERY.

How much does a urine pregnancy test cost?

Pregnancy test costs depend on the type of test performed and where you purchase it. Home pregnancy tests generally run anywhere from $8 to $15. A test from a licensed medical provider may cost a bit more, but it can also be more accurate.

Which pregnancy test kit is good in India?

1. Prega news pregnancy kit: One of the best and popular Pregnancy Test Kit in india. Mankind Pharmaceuticals is manufactured and marketed.

Can I buy pregnancy test kit?

One can buy these test kits without a prescription since these are over the counter pregnancy test kits and get the test done for pregnancy at the comfort of one’s place. The Prega News Pregnancy Kit uses a sera reagent that will detect HCG content in a woman’s urine, indicating whether a woman is pregnant or not.

How much is a pregnancy test in India?

At 28 weeks, most of the babies can survive outside of the uterus if high-quality medical care is provided. Week 29 through 40 constitutes the third trimester. Pregnancy test kit price is Rs.40 for a single pregnancy strip and the best pregnancy test kit price range till Rs.150 for a various Pregnancy test kit.

How much does a pregnancy test kit cost?

If the test is taken in the very early stages of the pregnancy, there are high chances for a negative result. It is due to the fact that there could be an insufficient amount of hCG in the pregnant woman’s urine. Pregnancy test kit price is Rs.40 for a single pregnancy strip and they range till Rs.150.

Which is the best place to buy pregnancy test?

Buy pregnancy test kit online, the best way to detect pregnancy. 99% accurate results. Pregnancy test kit are highly reliable to detect pregnancy. Best Pregnancy test kit online are available across different brands at affordable prices.

Which is the most sensitive pregnancy test in India?

Faint line (s) or no line render the test as invalid, and it should be repeated with a new kit. Velocit pregnancy test kit can detect even 25 mil/L of HCG in the urine, making it one of the highly sensitive pregnancy test kits. The pack of two costing about Rs.100 is more readily available than the single package costing about Rs. 70.