How much does a CGS Hawk cost?

How much does a CGS Hawk cost?

The price is $3031. Engine packages range from $5926 for the Rotax 503 (50 hp; add $818 for electric start) to $10,143 for the HKS 700E. In between is the Rotax 682 with electric start for $8816.

How much is a CGS Hawk ultralight?

If the history of the engine is unknown it is recommended that the exhaust be removed and the pistons inspected for wear and seizure! At the time of production of this video The Ultralight Flyer estimates the value of a used CGS Hawk from the 1980s to be worth between $3,500 and $5,500.

Is the CGS Hawk an ultralight?

The CGS Hawk is a family of high wing, strut-braced, pusher configuration, single and two-seats-in-tandem ultralight aircraft, designed by Chuck Slusarczyk and manufactured by CGS Aviation.

Who is the original designer of the CGS Hawk?

Chuck Slusarczyk
CGS Aviation Hawk “Arrow II” (S/N unknown) ~ Our Hawk Arrow II was built by the original designer, Chuck Slusarczyk. The Arrow II was donated to the MAPS Air Museum.

What kind of engine does a CGS Hawk have?

One of the classics in the very light airplane category is the CGS Hawk, but the surprise is how conventionally it flies by “real airplane” standards—that’s not a backhanded compliment, it’s a full-on atta boy! Two radiators flank the engine, plus carburetors on the right, exhaust on the left, prop in the middle.

Is the CGS Hawk a cruiser or aerobatic ship?

The Hawk is a great cruiser but not an aerobatic ship. All Aboard! Entering the front cockpit requires its own unique technique.

Who is the owner of CGS Hawk Arrow?

Slusarczyk’s shop manager for 10 years, Charles Capaldi, moved from northeast Ohio to southwest Alabama with CGS when it was sold recently to Danny Dezauche, a longtime ultralight pilot and Hawk owner, who after years of discussions with Slusarczyk, bought the business (whose name remains CGS Aviation).

Who was the inventor of the CGS Hawk?

The Hawk was originally designed by the inimitable Chuck Slusarczyk, one of the pioneers of the early days of powered hang gliders (think Easy Riser) who started Chuck’s Glider Supplies, whence the “CGS” in CGS Hawk. He was also on the TV show Junkyard Wars…twice.